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This brand new ‘Stranger Things 2’ clip is what we’ve all been waiting for!



Everyone! Ev-ry-one! Stranger Things 2 starts on Friday, October 27! That’s a whole new series of the Upside Down to cram into your binge-schedule. You are, like us, like me, like everyone, extremely excited about this fact, but there’s not much you can do about it, apart from wait.

Fortunately a new promotional clip has come along to help us all make it to Friday.

Well, sort of. Here you go.

Right, now that you’ve seen it – here’s our question – IS THAT ELEVEN LOOKING IN THROUGH THE WINDOW AT MIKE?! We think it is, it has to be!

Colour us completely and utterly excited. Which in this case is purple, because we refuse to take a single breath until Stranger Things 2 starts.

While we wait – just three more days to go – here’s what we know so far…

Season 2 is set one year after the initial events, the residents of Hawkins are living in relative normality.

The Byers family are complete thanks to Will’s safe return from the Upside Down, but he is now suffering from PTSD and has recurring visions of a sky-high beast looming large and looking to wreak havoc again – so it’s genuinely tense from the get-go.

While the original was comfortable with the 1980s setting without too much signposting, season two will be packed full of hammer-to-the-face tropes from that garish decade: Ghostbusters outfits, for instance, and Devo’s “Whip It” blaring out at an arcade as the boys play the coin-guzzling Dragon’s Lair game.

It will have 80s heartthrob, and one time Hobbit, Sean Astin in it.

There will be new kids. Sadie Sink (The Glass Castle) joins the cast as tomboy Max while Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers) joins the bill as her wild step brother.

That’s what we know and this is what we want to know.

Where is Eleven and are there more people like her?

Why are Barb’s parents now in the show, even though she was unceremoniously offed in the first season?

What happened to the mysterious portal to the Upside Down in the bowels of the Hawkins National Laboratory?

There are lots of questions but, thankfully, the wait for the answers should be well worth it.

Stranger Things Season 2
When: On Netflix from October 27

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