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This tiny, heartwarming detail was cut from the ‘Stranger Things 2’ finale



If you haven’t finished Stranger Things 2 yet, hit that x at the top of your screen immediately. Swipe this window away. Throw your phone in the trash and set it on fire. There are spoilers ahead.

You’ve probably already read about the very sweet detail involving the bracelet Eleven wears at the Snow Ball in the finale – it’s actually a hairband that used to belong to Hopper’s daughter, Sara. He’s worn it on his wrist ever since she died, and has now passed it onto his new daughter, El.

But there’s another heartwarming Hopper and Eleven moment you definitely won’t have noticed – and that’s because it never made it into the final cut.
Hopper knew how much El wanted to go to the Snow Ball, so he did everything in his power to make sure she was allowed out – just for this one special night.

He manages to persuade Dr Owens to let her go, and after dropping her off, we see him and Joyce share a touching moment together in the parking lot outside the school.

During this scene he’s wearing his usual get-up, i.e. he is absolutely not wearing a tie.

However, an eagle-eyed fan spotted that in a photo taken on set during the filming of that same scene, David Harbour does have a tie on. That doesn’t seem all that significant, but David himself explain why it matters.

In an interview with Insider, he revealed: “Someone (online) caught me in an off-camera thing and I have a tie on. The idea was perhaps that Hopper even puts on a tie for the first time in 20 years to bring his adopted daughter to this dance. So I think Hopper put a lot of effort and work into it.”

It’s only a tiny thing, but it’s very sweet, and really puts across how much Hopper cares for Eleven.

Harbour revealed in a tweet that the tie was his idea, but that in the end, he’s glad the Duffer brothers axed it.

We kind of wish the Duffer brother’s had gone along with David’s idea, to be honest. Although maybe they’re saving Hopper’s tie for an even more special occasion.

Stranger Things 3 is already in the works, while a fourth season has also been confirmed, so don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to see Hop all spruced up.

Things are only going to get stranger.

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