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These are the best new podcasts everyone will be listening to in 2018



The best thing about phones is obviously that you can use them to watch the video for ‘Get It Right’ by Diplo over and over again.

The second best thing is that you can get podcasts on them (the 13th best thing is using them to communicate with other people). If you’re getting tired of filling your commute with the same voices, despair not – there are some awesome new podcasts on the way, to educate, inform, weird you out and fill your head with way more knowledge of murders than is probably healthy.

1.’Wolverine: The Long Night’

Not content with making bazillions off comics, movies and TV, Marvel are launching themselves into the audio world with this ten-part crime drama that draws as much from Serial and S-Town as the four-colour pages Wolverine began in.

It follows three detectives investigating a series of murders in an Alaskan town… murders that seem an awful lot like they might have been carried out by this Logan fella. Written by Benjamin Percy (a frequent comics writer as well as author of the fantastic werewolf novel Red Moon), and with Wolverine voiced by Richard Armitage (Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit films), it should be an interesting experiment at the very least, and could be the beginning of another big intertwined universe.

When? Spring

2.’West Cork’

A true-crime podcast about the horrible murder of French film producer Sophie du Plantier, beaten to death in Ireland in 1996. While one man was arrested twice for the murder, it remains unsolved – this 13 part-series from Audible takes a deep look at the murder and how it affected the town itself.

When? 8 February

3.’Gamebreaker with Keith Olbermann’

Audible’s new sports documentary series is set to look at subjects like neurological rewiring in athletes, the horrors of the Steubenville High School rape case and how individuals change the rules around them. Hosted by sportscaster and political commentator Keith Olbermann, it should be a really interesting look at the culture surrounding sports and the effects it can have on society.

When? 9 March

4.’Adventures in New America’

An audio drama from the makers of the groundbreaking Welcome to Night Vale, Adventures in New America is set in an alternate, afropunk-influenced reality where America is overrun with extraterrestrial zombie vampires. Yeah!

When? Spring

5. ‘Launch’

Screenwriter John August helms this podcast about the journey of conceiving, writing, publishing and marketing a novel. His other podcast, Scriptnotes, is excellent, and with his own novel Arlo Finch about to come out, he knows what he’s talking about.

When? 23 January

6. ‘Atlanta Monster’

This true-crime podcast looks into the murders of at least 28 African-American children in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981. The team behind it made last year’s Up and Vanished, reviving interest in a cold-case murder from years before, and this looks set to be just as gripping.

When? The first episode is online now

7. ‘Secrets’

A six-part series made by the Swedish team behind Spår, Secrets takes a look at “the overwhelming complexities of being human”, and people who live within their own lies. Each episode tells a different true story, but the host’s own tale of a secret relative is revealed over the whole series as well.

When? Online now

8. ‘Framed’

Another true-crime podcast from the armchair-detective makers of Generation Why (which delves into unsolved murders, historical mysteries, controversies, conspiracies and weird deaths), Framed claims to be looking for “the facts beyond the narrative”, and could end up being really great.

When? TBC

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