‘Black Mirror’ is officially coming back to Netflix for Season 5

Ater the huge success of Season 4, we come with the unsurprising news that Netflix have renewed Black Mirror for a fifth season.

The streaming giant announced its return with a short teaser video on its Twitter account, made up of a series of televisions showing old episodes simultaneously – perhaps a nod to last season’s ‘Black Museum’ episode.

The video is captioned, “The future is brighter than ever,” perhaps suggesting that we might be in for a more positive Black Mirror this time around? With the real world starting to feel darker and darker, has Charlie Brooker decided to take his show in a totally different direction?

Brooker and executive producer Annabel Jones first launched Black Mirror on Channel 4, before bringing it to Netflix for its third season.

Season 4 then gave us ‘USS Callister’, the Star Trek inspired space epic starring Jesse Plemons, and ‘Arkangel’, the show’s first female-directed episode, with Jodie Foster at the helm.

After shorter runs on Channel 4, Black Mirror’s last two seasons have both been six episodes long, and have been released towards the end of 2016 and 2017 respectively.

This means that while the content may be fresh and exciting, it’s likely we can expect the same format, and perhaps by the end of the year.

“You don’t want to hit the same bell again, even though it’s tempting. We have to be unpredictable with the show,” last year.

And speaking about why he made the show in the first place, Brooker revealed: “The trend was for long, five-season story arcs about a troubled yet fascinating man. Many of which I was a huge fan of, but what I felt was lacking was those one-off shows you can catch late at night and go, ‘What was that?’

“The show does reflect a kind of gnawing sense unease at the march of technology.”

Want a bit of bonus content, do you? Well, here’s every Black Mirror episode so far, ranked by their IMDb score. Do you agree, and if not, which do you take issue with?

1. ‘White Christmas’ (S2) – 9.2

2. ‘Hang the DJ’ (S4) – 8.9

3. ‘San Junipero’ (S3) – 8.8

4. ‘The Entire History of You’ (S1) – 8.7

4. ‘Black Museum’ (S4) – 8.7

6. ‘Hated in the Nation’ (S3) – 8.6

7. ‘Shut Up and Dance’ (S3) – 8.5

8. ‘USS Callister’ (S4) – 8.4

9. ‘Nosedive’ (S3) – 8.3

9. ‘Playtest’ (S3) – 8.3

11. ‘Fifteen Million Merits’ (S1) – 8.2

11.‘Be Right Back’ (S2) – 8.2

11. ‘White Bear’ (S2) – 8.2

14. ‘The National Anthem’ (S1) – 8.0

15. ‘Men Against Fire’ (S3) – 7.7

16. ‘Arkangel’ (S4) – 7.4

17. ‘Crocodile’ (S4) – 7.3

18. ‘The Waldo Moment’ (S2) – 6.9

19. ‘Metalhead’ (S4) – 6.7

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