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Disney have just accidentally revealed Spider-Man’s new suit



One of the fun things about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the way everyone sliiiiightly changes their suit in between films. It’s definitely not an exercise in trying to sell more toys, absolutely not. It’s just a sort of natural evolution of things, like when everyone in Friends gets new hairdos between seasons even if no time has passed within the show itself.

An advert recruiting workers for Disneyland Resort in California may have given away what everyone’s friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will be wearing. Keen-eyed Redditor StreveO spotted it, and there are a few key differences from when we last saw ol’ Webhead in Spider-Man: Homecoming…:

They’ve removed some of the black lines from Homecoming, and increased the size of the web-shooters, and Peter’s hand-drawn spider is present and correct.

It looks pretty great, and raises questions about what happens in Infinity War to, for example, his web-shooters. Why would he have to get bigger ones?

Surely he’d be unable to improve upon the technology provided to him by Tony Stark – does this mean Stark dies or something, and Parker has to downgrade his tech?

No idea. Only time will tell. Also, it’s probably quite fun to work in Disneyland, right? Wonder if they need anyone for the web team*?

*Any team Spider-Man is on counts as a web team.

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