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Netflix has a new terrifying new post-apocalyptic drama – here’s the trailer



You can’t beat a good post-apocalyptic dystopia, can you? Like, obviously, if one actually takes place, then yeah, anything would beat it, anything at all, for you’re in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, it is dreadful. “Anything would be better than this!” would be something you’d say fairly frequently, living in a post-apocalyptic dystopia.

But, entertainment-wise, a good post-apocalyptic dystopia is a fine, fine thing. And there’s a scary-looking new one on the way, courtesy of the streaming platform Netflix and the beautiful nation of Denmark.

The Rain is set six years after a rain-borne virus has wiped out most of humanity. It follows a rag-tag bunch of survivors (and every truly great post-apocalyptic dystopia needs a rag-tag bunch of survivors) emerging into this new, barren world. Here’s a trailer:

You don’t hear enough Danish accents on telly, do you? It’s a really nice accent. It’s also a really nice country (as the trailer alludes to), with high social mobility high income equality, low corruption and a really high standard of living. It also does a fine line in fjords, butter cookies and people with exquisite cheekbones.

The Rain is an eight-part series made by Netflix Scandi, premiering worldwide on May 4th. We’ll be patiently waiting until then.

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