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A familiar face could be returning to ‘Game Of Thrones’



Acting is basically showing off for living, isn’t it? Because of that, it must be really confusing when you’re working on a show as shrouded in secrecy as Game Of Thrones. Every impulse in your theatrical body must constantly be going “This is great, I am great, I should show off about this!” but you’re up to your neck in non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality clauses.

We once tried to get in touch with an actor who’d played two different characters on the show, to see what they thought of a fan theory we’d come up with joining the two roles. Their agent said “Unfortunately this is not something that [REDACTED] will be able to be involved in as it’s a non-story. [They are] not allowed to mention GOT in any press at all without strict approval and the GOT powers that be would not give approval for this.”

Crazy, we thought. But then you see something like this, where actor Wilf Scolding has posted a picture on Instagram and immediately had to delete it, and the speculation and murmuring and dot-joining hasn’t stopped since.

Who is Wilf Scolding? He’s the actor that played Rhaegar Targaryen, Jon Snow’s real dad and Danaerys’ brother, in season seven, when Bran did his psychic time-travel thing and saw Jon’s birth.

He’s the blonde dude on the right – the one with the trademark Targaryen hair. Here he is secretly marrying Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister, after annulling his previous marriage to Elia Martell (the Viper’s sister).

The official line was that he kidnapped Lyanna, but they’d actually run away together and were in love. It’s important that they were married – it legitimises Jon and his potential future claim to the throne. Look, here’s a better look at him:

Here’s our question, why has he deleted his picture of the Europa Hotel in Belfast? You have to assume he’s in Belfast to film more scenes for the show, in that big complex thing they have in the Titanic Quarter.

But why?

No idea, and obviously nobody’s going to tell us, so we’ll find out in 2019 with the rest of the world.


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