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5 new films coming to Netflix this June



Looking for something new to watch? But can’t be bothered to spend the time scrolling down the interweb? Don’t worry we’ve done the research for you, here are five films to catch on Netflix this June.

Us and Them
This Chinese film documents the love story of Lin Jianqing (Jing Boran) and Fang Xiaoxiao (Zhou Dongyu). The duo meet on a train on Chinese New Year and fall hopelessly in love, only to break up soon after. Ten years later, chance brings them back together but this time on a flight. The film is directed by Taiwanese singer and actress Rene Liu, who is the first female mainland director to have had such a successful film topping the Chinese box office.
Genre: Romance
Premiere date: June 22

Ali’s Wedding
As the eldest son in a Muslim household, Ali (Osamah Sami) is incredibly gifted, musically. But when a “white lie” causes trouble Ali, who is the son of a cleric, must follow through with an arranged marriage even though he’s clearly in love with an Australian born-Lebanese girl. Ali’s wedding is based on a true story and is directed by Jeffrey Walker.
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Premiere Date: June 8

Set It Up
As the prefix of most people’s lives, this relatable film sees characters Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glenn Powell) wasting away their 20s by working hard as underpaid assistants for bosses who don’t treat them well. When the pair realise their hours would be shortened if only their bosses weren’t single, they plan to play matchmaker and set their bosses up for some faux-romance.
Genre: Romantic comedy
Premiere date: June 15

Brain on Fire
Mysteriously, 24-year-old Susannah Cahalan (Chloë Grace Moretz) wakes up in a hospital bed one morning with no recollection of how she got there. Without the ability to speak or move, she struggles to figure out what caused her seizures and erratic behavior. The film is based on Cahalan’s, a former New York Post writer’s,  biographical memoir and is directed and written by Gerard Barrett.
Genre: Biographical Drama
Premiere date: June 22

Sunday’s Illness
This film revolves around a mother-daughter relationship. Anabel (Susi Sánchez) abandoned her daughter Chiara (Bárbara Lennie) when she was barely eight-years-old. Deteremined to be reunited with her mother, Chiara finds her only to reveal a slightly twisted agenda. A must watch.
Genre: Drama
Premiere date: June 15

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