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Apparently the latest X-Men film isn’t that good



If you’re a fan of the X-Men franchise, we have some unsettling news for you. Apparently, the latest installment is a bit of a letdown.

Now, we’re not too sure how one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time can be go from hero to zero but that’s what several fans are saying after attending a test screening – yikes.

Taking to Reddit, a number of fans have claimed that the film is “underwhelming”, “boring” and “repetitive”.

Now, we’re not going to say much but we hope that X-Men: Dark Phoenix’s director Simon Kinberg, takes some notes – the film has been pushed back from a November release date to February, so there’s still time, hopefully.

If you’d like to know what went wrong, read the following sentences carefully.

If not, look away in…






Right, here’s what we know…

  • There are repeated scenes from X-Men 3.  These include the “take off the glasses and kiss me” scene between Cyclops and Jean and the scene where Charles picks up Jean as a child.
  • Mystique dies – that’s right, Jean kills her, by accident.
  • Beast tries to kill Jean – bound to happen when you kill the love of someone’s life.
  • Charles and Magneto are fighting again – shocker.
  • The film has aliens – yep, aliens try to invade Earth. But apparently they aren’t all that scary and can’t do much – again, shocker.
  • Someone gives up all their powers for the great good – keeping who this is to ourselves.

Doesn’t sound all that great, unfortunately. Let’s just hope that the big guys over at Marvel manage to turn this around in time.

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