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Tech News: Instagram launches new app for long-form videos



Instagram, the beloved social media app that has claimed hundreds of hours of our life since its inception on 2010, has just launched a brand new feature that is sure to claim hundreds, if not thousands more.

IGTV – neat name, allows users to watch videos that are up to one hour long in vertical video form. That’s right, no more struggling to see all that is being displayed and no more editing your video down to last just 60 seconds.

Just imagine all those cat videos and how you are going to spend even more of your life watching them, ever so attentively.

The feature that was launched just hours ago is incredibly simple to use, just look for the little video icon on top of your feed, click on it and enjoy.

Once you’re there expect to see videos from stars like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, David Beckham and more. Many, many more.

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