Kate-Lynne Wolmarans29 Aug 2018 AT 09:22 AM

Netflix has just changed its fee for all UAE subscribers

The change aims to provide UAE viewers with a more localised service and, will be effective immediately
Kate-Lynne Wolmarans29 Aug 2018 AT 09:22 AM
Netflix has just changed its fee for all UAE subscribers
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Netflix CEO- Reed Hastings

Seems like Netflix is embracing the spirit of change and, we’re not too sure if we like it be honest. First it goes and tampers with ads and now, it’s changing its price point for all UAE subscribers. Reed Hastings, WHY ARE YOU MESSING WITH SUCH A BEAUTIFUL THING?

*calms self down* 

Apparently, the ads trial was an attempt to introduce users to new shows that they may like faster, while the latter, which sees a change in the subscription fee's currency from dollar to dirham, aims to provide a more localised service. 

While that sounds ace, it does, however, mean that some users will now have to pay more for their package.

Viwers with a premium subscription, the one with the four screen plan, are the most affected, as they now have to pay AED56 per month as opposed to AED44 (US$11.99). 

Those with a standard, two screen package will also have to pay a bit more. Instead of AED37 (US$9.99) per month, they now have to pay AED39.

Those with a basic, one screen subscription are the only ones who will not be affected by the change as the fee will remain AED29 (US$7.99).

The price change is effective immediately. 

While annoying, Netflix has explained the change is something that does and, will occasionally happen.

The official line from the streaming giant reads, “From time to time, Netflix plans and pricing are adjusted as we switch to local currencies, add more exclusive series, movies, documentaries, stand-ups, kids content, introduce new product features and improve the overall Netflix experience to help members find something great to watch even faster.”

Ok then Reed, we look forward to watching all the new content that our beloved pennies are contributing to.

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