Team shortlist30 Sep 2018 AT 10:53 AM


Tom Hardy’s usual casting: a thuggish villain ready to cause criminal chaos everywhere he goes
Team shortlist30 Sep 2018 AT 10:53 AM

Tom Hardy’s usual casting: a thuggish villain ready to cause criminal chaos everywhere he goes. Just take Peaky Blinders, The Revenant, Bronson....

But this time around, things are a little more complex in Marvel’s latest transferal of comic book character from script to screen.  

Venom sees Hardy take on the role of anti-hero Eddie Brock, a do-gooder documentary journalist who sets out to expose shady businessman Carlton Drake, (Riz Ahmed, Girls, The OA) who he suspects of carrying out twisted experiments on the most vulnerable citizens within society, often at the cost of their lives. But when an insider at the so-called Life Foundation seeks out the obsessive reporter, she reveals that the lab has discovered what they call  “symbiotes,” and that her boss, Drake,  believes the key to human evolution is the union between mankind and the gruesome creatures.

Things quickly go wrong once again for Brock – who elsewhere in his life has argued with his partner (Michelle Williams, The Greatest Showman) and has fallen on hard times – becomes infected by one, taking on its strength and sentience. First things first, Brock must convinced the morally void creature within him to use their new combined power for good. Brook insists they will only “hurt bad people.” Before you know it, they unite to become ‘Venom’, and we can once again watch Hardy at home in a violent, action-packed role, but this time as the anti-hero. Take that, Spiderman.
In cinemas October 4

What’s next for Tom Hardy?

In 1901, explorer Ernest Shackleton set off to the Antarctic, and after his entire ship was crushed by ice, he made a remarkable escape from death. Who better to tell his tale?


After its success, a second season has been promised for 2018. Co-written by Hardy, it tells the story of James Delaney’s return from Africa to London in 1814.


Of course Hardy is set to play Al Capone. This time, the gangster is 37, fresh from a decade of incarceration and in ill health when his past comes back to haunt him.

War Party

We know little about this Netflix movie; just that the loose plot centres around the true events of real life Navy SEALS, and will be directed by Andrew Dominik.

Mad Max: The Wasteland

The latest film in the franchise has been promised to fans, with little plot details being divulged. Tom first starred in the post-apocalyptic reboot in 2015.S S

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