04 Nov 2018 AT 10:58 AM

New TV series, games and apps: What to watch, play and download this week, from It's Always Sunny to Tetris Effect

Keep your screens consumed with classics making a comeback across entertainment platforms right now
04 Nov 2018 AT 10:58 AM
New TV series, games and apps: What to watch, play and download this week, from It's Always Sunny to Tetris Effect

Hilarious sitcoms, addictive games, and must-have apps; there's a lot going on in the digital entertainment realm this week. 

Not only are two of our favourite ever sitcoms — maybe something to do with the scientific comedy formula they both abide by — returning with new episodes, old games are being given a revamp, too. 

Here's what needs to be on your radar this week:

TV: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 13
You’d have thought the gang would’ve outstayed their welcome after 13 years of Philly-based antics. But Dee, Charlie, Mac, Frank and Dennis seem to go from strength-to-strength. OK, so they’re unlikely to grow-up any time soon, but in terms of hilarity Always Sunny has developed into a comedy classic.

The intrigue of season 13 revolves around Dennis departing from the group as actor Glenn Howerton comes up against real-life work schedule clashes that prevent him from being in the show. Or have they?

In the meantime, Mac builds a terrifying replica of his former buddy to fill the gap, and thus begins a series that promises to be yet another great one. The show also features a star turn from Mindy Kaling (Ocean’s Twelve) and the return of favourites including Artemis, Cricket and, of course, The Waitress. As has become common, expect the gang to be pushing the boundaries of “acceptable” comedy where nothing appears to be off limits. 

Details: OSN Series Comedy HD, November 7

The Simpsons family sitting on their couch watching TV

TV: The Simpsons, Season 30
We get it, there are still fans out there that can’t get enough of it, but please Fox, for the love of all that is good, stop milking the franchise. It stopped being consistently funny around the season 13 mark. To paraphrase a famous Simpsons line “Make it stop. It’s already dead”.

Details: OSN Series Comedy, Nov 5

TV: Medal of Honor
This Netflix Original series highlights eight recipients of the US military’s highest award for valour. It’s a deep dive into the actions of these soldiers in perilous circumstances and the heroics that lead them to receive the somewhat exclusive accolade.

Details: Netflix, November 9

GAME: Tetris Effect
Tetris EffectIt’s been 34 (34!) years since the original Tetris slotted into our hearts, so we’re pretty excited about this psychedelic version that takes a new slant on proceedings. Legendary developer, Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Lumines) is on board so you know this puzzler will be great.

Details: PS4, November 9

APP: Pubg mobile
Before Fortnite became embedded in every console, PC and smartphone across the globe PUBG was the big man on campus. And, to be quite frank, we still prefer this on mobile to Epic’s all-conquering, mainstream shooter.

Details: Free, iOS and Android

APP: Flip Diving
Tumble into the drink in all manner of ways thanks to the absolutely hilarious ragdoll physics at play here. You can even record and share your best or worst attempts and share them with your mates.

Details:Free, iOS and Android