19 Nov 2018 AT 12:33 PM

FILM OF THE WEEK: Ralph Breaks the Internet

It’s the ideal feel-good movie to see out 2018
19 Nov 2018 AT 12:33 PM
FILM OF THE WEEK: Ralph Breaks the Internet

At first glance, the adorable Ralph Breaks the Internet seems like one big Disney funded advert.

The follow-up to the popular Wreck-It Ralph is loaded with logos and slogans from the likes of Amazon, Google and even a flock of cutesy Twitter logos, y’know, tweeting. You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s just one big advertisement, but it has so much more depth than that.

Sure, Ralph (John C. Reilly, Stepbrothers) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman, Bob’s Burger) are going to see these types of things deep in the web, so it fits well, but just like the original, the story is tinged with pop culture references that will reward the eagle-eyed. Like when Vanellope startles the Disney princesses and Cinderella instinctively cracks her glass slipper to use it as an impromptu weapon. Genius.

The whole ride is like a buddy movie as the relationship between the two main characters blossoms to pull at the heartstrings just as much as churn out the laughs. They’re on the hunt for a piece of equipment that will fix Vanellope’s game so decide to look for it on the internet – a fantastical place that apes the real thing, minus the torrid of abuse that lives there these days.

If Wreck-It Ralph managed to stoke up some nostalgia with its retro videogame references, then this follow-up will almost overwhelm you. Those aforementioned Disney princesses share screen time with characters from Star Wars, Marvel and even Toy Story. It’s the ideal feel-good movie to see out 2018.

In cinemas November 22

The Ralph Breaks the Internet voices you'll recognise:

Gal Gadot

Wonder Woman herself makes an appearance in the movie. She plays Shank – a sort of big sister figure for the mischievous Vanellope.

Ed O'Neill

Best known for his role as head of the house in Modern Family (or if you’re a bit older, Married With Children) Ed plays Mr. Litwak who owns Ralph’s arcade.

Ali Wong

The prolific and hilarious stand-up comedian lends her voice to Felony, who is just as funny as the lady playing her.

Nicole Scherzinger

The former Pussycat Doll and The X Factor judge get’s a very small cameo in the movie as Mo’s Mom. Who’s that, you ask? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out.

John DiMaggio

You might not recognise the name, but you will definitely have heard his voice as Bender (Futurama), Jake (Adventure Time) or Carl (American Dad!).

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