26 Nov 2018 AT 11:32 AM


We can imagine the writers salivating at the prospect of what they’ve put together for Creed 2
26 Nov 2018 AT 11:32 AM

We can imagine the writers salivating at the prospect of what they’ve put together for Creed 2.

Decades after Ivan Drago put Apollo Creed in a bodybag during one of the most hard-hitting moments in Rocky history, the offspring of both men will meet in the ring to settle some deep-seated scores.

The last we saw of Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan, Black Panther, Creed) was his (spoiler alert) valiant, but ultimate failure to steal the belt from “Pretty” Ricky Conlan. Sure, he gained a bit more respect, but, well, a loss is a loss.

This time around, Adonis manages to punch his way to the heavyweight boxing title. He’s still struggling to shake off the family legacy and forge his own path to greatness.

But history refuses to let him go, as his world is turned upside down when Viktor Drago (real-life Romanian boxer, Florian Munteanu) is lined-up as his first title defence opponent. Even Ivan (Dolph Lundgren, Rocky IV, Universal Soldier) is back ringside to spur his equally robotic child on in the art of throwing hands.

Sure, he’s got the guiding, yet somewhat frail hand of Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone, all the Rockys) to help along the way, but with a kid to think about and his father’s death haunting him at every step, will he be able to channel the eye of the tiger? Either way we’re in it for the ludicrous, but adrenaline pumping training montages, which Michael B. Jordan tells us (see our exclusive interview on page 16) “will be even better than before”. Consider us sold.

In cinemas November 29

Rocky’s biggest baddies
Clubber Lang

Played by the original A-Team’s Mr T, this motormouth does his best to get under everyone’s skin anyway he can, including pushing Rocky’s ring man, Apollo Creed.


Right, bear with us here – Rocky’s opponent is WWE Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan. Of course, it’s an exhibition fight, but Rocky body slams the big man out of the ring.

Ivan Drago

Having already killed Apollo, Drago is determined to see Rocky suffer the same fate. The final fight might be the most goosebump moment in film history.

Tommy Gunn

Ah, Tommy. What could’ve been if you hadn’t listened to that Don King-a-like promoter. Instead, Rocky ends up dusting him up on the streets of Philadelphia.

Viktor Drago

With Adonis, possibly being the worst of the cast in Creed, until he finds his path, it’s down to the son of Drago to provide the bully boy status of the spin-off series.

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