Apple reveals the best apps, music and movies of 2018 across the Arab world

What have you and your friends been using to distract yourself?
Apple reveals the best apps, music and movies of 2018 across the Arab world
04 Dec 2018 AT 04:30 PM
04 Dec 2018 AT 04:30 PM

It's that time of year again. No, not Christmas, it's time for the ultimate list of lists of lists. It's when we sum up everything into our favourite best of lists to try and understand the sheer volume of content we've consumed in 2018. 

As the year comes to a close, Apple has gotten in on the game and made it that much easier by offering up an invariable list of who's who and what's what from the year. 

It was the year of the Battle Royale-style games with Fortnite and PUBG dominating the gaming community, while 10% Happier and Headspace expanded our love of wellness and self-care that seems to have enveloped society as we know it. 

There was almost too much to consume, and with the growth of music, movie and streaming industry as a whole, it's going to get that much harder to see, hear and do everything in 2019. 

Emirati illustrator, Aysha Al Hemrani took the list below and helped visualise it, you know, for easy consumption. If you were wonder what you should be taking in before the year ends, this is a nice summary. 

Wondering what really took front and centre of your iPhones, iPads and entertainment? More below...

Best Apps of the Year

Procreate takes top spot proving that creativity is still on top for iPad and iPhone users. 

iPhone App of the Year - Procreate Pocket
iPhone Game of the Year - Donut County
iPad App of the Year - Froggipedia
iPad Game of the Year - Gorogoa
Mac App of the Year - Pixelmator Pro

Apple Music

Want to know what music you might have missed out? 

To close out an extraordinary year, Apple Music’s editors have awarded highest honors to the artists who truly represent the very best of 2018. Aseel Hamim owns the Artist of the Year category while Sherine scores Album of the Year for his dynamic Nassay. The song “Waynak” is an easy choice for Song of the Year and Mohamed El Sharnouby gains the title Breakout Artist of the Year. But these all-stars weren’t the only stars: Apple Music’s global year-end charts and editorial playlists are packed with the year’s biggest hits and favourites from all over the world.

Best Music of the Year

Artist of the Year: Aseel Hamim
Rising Artist of the Year: Mohamed El Sharnouby
Song of the Year: Waynak - Abeer Nehme
Album of the Year: Nassay - Sherine


Look, we get it, everyone ever saw Avengers. We expect part two to take top spot in 2019. 

The movies of the year represent a rich mix of genres and topics ranging from indie, documentaries and animation to drama, horror and action. “Avengers Infinity Pool” and “Deadpool 2” are the top picks of the year; they, along with other notable titles such as “Ready Player One,” “A Quiet Place” and “Isle of Dogs,” have been praised by critics and fans alike and fueled pop culture conversations and die-hard fandom around the world. 

Best Movies of 2018 on iTunes

Avengers Infinity War
Deadpool 2
Ready Player One
A Quiet Place
Isle of Dogs
Mission Impossible - Fallout
Black Panther
Game Night
The Incredibles 2
The Insult

Best Podcasts of the Year

Podcasts are on the rise, and although we think you're clearly missing out on Reply All, this is still a strong list. Maybe you'll be listening to Shortlist in 2019.

In the Dark
Slow Burn
Dr. Death
Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
The Daily