09 Dec 2018 AT 10:41 AM


Epic 143 minute film that will keep you hooked throughout
09 Dec 2018 AT 10:41 AM

With highly-anticipated films such as Justice League, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice proving a tad, well, disappointing, there’s a lot of pressure on newcomer Aquaman to resuscitate the DC Universe. And as he rises from the deep for his first solo film, it seems as though the amphibious action hero might just be what it takes to give the comic empire the splash of cold water to reinvigorate it.

As the story goes, the titular character, played by Jason Momoa (Frontier), discovers he’s a bit different from other landlubbers during a childhood trip to the aquarium, as the sea creatures seem to understand him better than his classmates. Skip forward, and Arthur Curry (his human name) finds out his mother (Nicole Kidman, Boy Erased) was actually Queen of the Underworld from Mera (Amber Heard) who arrives to find him.

She tells him that his half-brother, Orm (Patrick Wilson, The Conjuring) is threatening to wipe out the surface world, and Arthur  – thanks to his birthright and superpowers – is the only one who can stop him. As you’d expect, it’s an origin story and all-out CGI spectacular all rolled into one epic 143-minute film that will keep you hooked throughout.

Sure, expectations were low for the much-maligned superhero’s debut, but James Wan’s (The Conjuring) direction has left some labelling it the best DC movie since The Dark Knight. Who knew the trident-wielding hero would bring DC back from the depths of mediocrity?
In cinemas December 13.

Aquaman’s screen journey
Superman/Aquaman Adventure

In their joint Hour of Adventure in 1967, the latter made his first on-screen appearance. An instant hit, Aquaman became a household name with little ones.


With the original season of the 1973 cartoon, Aquaman joined the powerful squad, but ultimately lead to the water boy becoming a bit of a joke.

Justice League (TV)

Aquaman was one of the regular returning characters in several episodes of the Justice League animated series back in the
early noughties.


And he’s back where he started. In the series about Superman’s younger years, Arthur Curry made an appearance in an episode named *drumroll* Aqua.

Batman: Brave and the Bold

Cartoon Network’s take on the DC universe, specifically focusing on Batman’s trials and tribulations, saw Arthur cross paths with the winged-wonder a few times.

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