23 Dec 2018 AT 10:02 AM

FILM OF THE WEEK: Mary Poppins Returns starring Emily Blunt

It’s the perfect feel good movie to round off 2018
23 Dec 2018 AT 10:02 AM
FILM OF THE WEEK: Mary Poppins Returns starring Emily Blunt

OK, let’s get one thing straight: although Disney is in the process of resurrecting our childhoods through numerous silver screen remakes (see right), Mary Poppins Returns, as the name suggests, is a sequel to the 1964 classic. But, sort of confusingly, it’s set in the 1930s – two decades after the events of the original.

Magical nanny Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt, A Quiet Place) unexpectedly returns to the Banks household where she once brought up the children. Jane (Emily Mortimer, Shutter Island) and Michael (Ben Whishaw, Paddington) are now much older and are going through a family tragedy. Poppins arrives at just the right time, then.

It might not be a reboot, but Mary Poppins Returns does follow similar themes. Playful magic, diving into cartoony worlds, and all the wonderfully choreographed singing and dancing that will send that fluttery feeling through your heart. There’s even a new jolly chimney sweep – minus the infamously bad Cockney accent – in the form of Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton). He’s along for the ride that will feel incredibly familiar to those who’ve seen the original (look out for the triumphant return of Dick van Dyke as Mr Dawes), but still feels fresh enough to create a whole new cinematic experience that all ages will enjoy. It’s the perfect feel good movie to round off 2018. Welcome back, Mary.
In cinemas December 24

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Aladdin (2019)

Eyebrows were raised when it was announced that Guy Ritchie (Snatch) would take the reins of this remake, but with Will Smith on board to play the Genie, we’re in.

Lion King (2019)

Tissues at the ready as we’re going to have to relive that scene all over again in terrifyingly real CGI. It has an all-star cast that includes Beyoncé and Donald Glover.

Dumbo (2019)

Tim Burton (A Nightmare Before Christmas) is at the helm of the flying elephant’s retelling. Colin Farrell, Eva Green, Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito are all in.

Snow White (TBA)

Details are sketchy, but the songwriters from La La Land and The Greatest Showman will lend their skills to The Girl on the Train writer, Erin Cressida’s script.

The Little Mermaid (TBA)

Mary Poppins Returns director, Rob Marshall, and chimney sweep, Lin-Manuel Miranda have been working on a remake since 2017. Great stuff.

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