Luke Wilson24 Feb 2019 AT 12:25 PM

What we're watching and playing this week

Bodybuilding, creepy escape rooms and the return of The Walking Dead
Luke Wilson24 Feb 2019 AT 12:25 PM
What we're watching and playing this week

Bigger: The Joe Weider story (PG15)

No, this is isn’t a delayed sequel to the unfathomably popular late-’80s Tom Hanks flick, instead it is a biopic based upon the life of Joe Weider.

Joe who? We hear you ask. Well, if you’ve ever lifted weights in a gym you might well have seen this guy’s products dotted around. Known as the ‘Father of Bodybuilding’, he and his brother Ben rose out of abject poverty to create one of the biggest fitness empires the world has ever seen.

Bigger chronicles this against-all-odds tale from the siblings’ hugely humble beginnings in Montreal (Weider apparently built his first set of barbells out of car parts) to becoming a household name and creating another, a certain beefy Austrian by the name of Arnold.

Weider (played here by a now very grown-up Road To Perdition star Tyler Hoechlin) certainly ruffled a few feathers en route to his huge success, partly because he came from north of the border and partly because of his race.

But after discovering the then unknown Schwarzenegger and convincing him to move to America to be the ‘face of bodybuilding, Weider, his brother (Aneurin Barnard) and wife Betty (Julianne Hough) were soon the most famous names in the game.

Finding ‘a young Arnie’ was bound to be tough but in Aussie beefcake Calum Von Moger, director George Gallo (Midnight Run) has a fantastic doppelgänger. Bigger won’t muscle in on Oscars recognition but for fans of Arnie and bodybuilding it’s a must see.
In cinemas February 28.

Escape Room (15+)

These type of immersive adventures are big business but what if your life actually depended on escaping? After the recent deaths in Poland, the release of this Adam Robitel suspense thriller has been delayed and while the predominantly young cast has received some glowing praise, the plot not so. Still, there’s certainly enough psychological drama to make this a big hit.
In cinemas February 28.

Velvet Buzzsaw

In some ways a follow-up to 2014’s brilliant Nightcrawlers, Dan Gilroy has reunited Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo for this satirical horror set in the supremely snobbish Los Angeles art world. After finding the body of a dead neighbour in her apartment block, Josephina (Zawe Ashton) uncovers a collection of his artwork, which soon becomes highly sought-after but suddenly starts murderously springing to life as the artist’s secret past unravels.
Available now on Netflix.

Dirt Rally 2.0 (PGI3)

Over the years and in its various guises, Colin McRae Rally has left its racing rivals firmly in its wake. It’s been 21 years since the original and with Dirt Rally 2.0, the series proves it’s still very much at the top of the podium. Regular drivers will notice the weather system has been tweaked making it even more of a factor as you take on eight circuits from the WRX Championship.
Out on Xbox One, PS4 and PC from February 22.

The Walking Dead

Another series with an incredible longevity, the ninth instalment of this huge AMC zombie horror has just arrived on Fox, bringing with it more frights from those fearful flesh-eaters. Andrew Lincoln returns as the apparently invincible Rick Grimes (he’s come back from the dead more times than the zombies, it seems). But can he and his fellow survivors resist a new enemy in The Whisperers?  Fingers crossed.
Every Monday on Fox.