Darragh Murphy30 Apr 2019 AT 02:15 PM

Here’s where you can watch Borderlands 3’s gameplay reveal

Check out the new vault hunters and some of the one billion weapons…
Darragh Murphy30 Apr 2019 AT 02:15 PM
Here’s where you can watch Borderlands 3’s gameplay reveal

Ever since the reveal trailer dropped for Gearbox Software’s hugely-anticipated fourth entry to its franchise, one thought has been on our minds…over one billions weapons?!

It’s true, and we’ll all get a glimpse of a very small percentage of the guns and the four different vault hunters with the official gameplay livestream of Borderlands 3.

Taking place on Wednesday May 3, gamers all over the world can watch it on Borderlands’ Twitch at www.twitch.tv/borderlands, kicking off at 10am Pacific Time (9am Gulf Standard).

Haven’t watched the new trailer yet (where have you been)? Check out the madness below:

It’s been five years since the Gearbox’s last official game with Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel (what a name, eh?), with only rumours or screen leaks of Borderlands 3 to keep us occupied.

What we know is Handsome Jack, Borderland’s 2's notoriously quick-witted villain, is being replaced by twin baddies, and probably going after the vault keys like in past games.

As for the four vault hunters, we know there’s Moze the Gunner, whose main ability is summoning her huge mech, Iron Bear, along with Amara the Siren, who can call on ethereal arms to get up-close and personal.

There’s also the mysterious robot FL4K the Beastmaster, who can command pet beasts, which could be new creatures or some of the usual enemies of the franchise, and then there’s Zane the Operative – the assassin class of the bunch who can distract enemies (and probably more) with his decoy.

Finally, there’s over one billions guns to use. Of course, a lot of them are just re-skins or have different specs. But still, there’s clearly a lot of looting to be done.

There’s even a gun that walks. That’s how absurd things have gotten, and we can’t wait.

Borderlands 3 is set to release this year on September 13 PS4, Xbox One and PC. Get ready to pre-order.

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We’re already getting ready for all the loot boxes.