05 May 2019 AT 12:51 PM

Five of the best cinema experiences in Dubai

There’s going to the movies, but then there’s having a cinematic experience. Here are some of the best in Dubai...
05 May 2019 AT 12:51 PM

There can never be enough cinemas in Dubai, especially when there are huge blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame coming out that will have silver screens around the city completely booked out. While all those movie fans squabble over ordinary seats for your typical night at the movies, we’re here to share some secret information on the more unique cinematic experiences Dubai has to offer. Let’s keep these gems between us...

Cinema Akil
If you’re into indie flicks, chances are you’re all for the artsy and quirky. Does sitting on mismatched cushions in a converted shipping container to watch an array of independent movies sound quirky enough? It sure does.
Where: Alserkal Avenue
Contact: cinemaakil.com

Dubai’s largest IMAX
They say size doesn’t matter, but those are the people who haven’t witnessed Novo Cinemas’ huge 24.4m wide and 13.8m high IMAX screen. Talk about going square-eyed (although it’s most certainly worth the trouble).
Where: IMG Worlds of Adventure
Contact: imax.com/theatres

Theatre by Rhodes
Quality cuisine served throughout the movie, reclining seats that act as a snug bed, a pillow and blanket for extra comfort – does chef Gary Rhodes want you to fall asleep while watching the latest blockbuster? Possibly, but it’s certainly worth it.
Where: Mall of the Emirates
Contact: voxcinemas.com

Reel Cinemas ScreenX
When the latest blockbuster flick has a superhero flying into space to blast away enemy aliens, sometimes a flat 90-degree screen doesn’t do it justice. That’s when Reel Cinema’s massive 270-degree ScreenX comes into its own.
Where: The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai
Contact: reelcinemas.ae

To all the film fanatics looking for a staycation, this is for you. The movie-themed hotel has a screen on its swanky al fresco pool terrace, During the hotter months, the roof overhead even closes to cool things down – just for your comfort.
Where: Aloft City Centre Deira
Contact: voxcinemas.com