Sebastian Sykes05 May 2019 AT 12:57 PM

19 binge-worthy shows to watch this summer

If you’re ready for endless hours of quality TV, look no further than these top series
Sebastian Sykes05 May 2019 AT 12:57 PM
19 binge-worthy shows to watch this summer

Is it just us or is everyone getting excited about the heatwave that is a summer in Dubai? Sure, going outside means beads of sweat constantly pouring down your face thanks to the blazing sun and steamy humidity, but think outside the box people. Or rather, just watch the box, because this time of year gives everyone the perfect excuse to stay indoors and binge every show imaginable. Problem is, what show to get stuck on?

We’re in the golden age of TV, after all, and you can spend just as much time swimming through a sea of shows than actually watching one. Not to worry, as we’ve taken the plunge into the deep static sea and caught quite a few pearls to share. Whatever your definition of binging is – from watching a gripping 13-episode season in one sitting to endless hours of light and easy watching – we’ve got you covered with some of the most binge-worthy shows out there. It’s time to get square-eyed.

Top Picks

After seeing Donald Glover in cult comedy show Community (take that as an honourable bit of advice), you wouldn’t be blamed to think comedy is his only shtick. Fans of his musical alter ego Childish Gambino may have seen inklings of his creative side, but it wasn’t until Atlanta debuted in 2016 that everyone got to see just how talented and thought-provoking he is. You wouldn’t think so from the premise of the show, which see’s down-on-his-luck Earn (Glover) trying to make it in the music business by edging his way into becoming a manager for his upcoming rap star cousin, Alfred. But each engaging (and equal parts hilarious) episode acts as a short film, exploring different aspects of music, growing up in the suburbs, fame and just plain strange situations. Each episode brings something new, and you’ll be aching to see how Earn and his friends cope with everything that goes down.
No. of Episodes: 21 (ongoing)
Available on Netflix


A hitman basically bored of being too good at his job who decides to take up a life of amateur acting. Imagine pitching that to executives? Barry’s bizarreness is what makes it a stand-out hit, and its unique blend of action and dark comedy will only make you question what in the world happens next. That’s the perfect remedy for any binge-worthy show, isn’t it? Barry (the brilliant Bill Hader) joins an acting troupe to get away from hitting yet another “mark”, but his mentor still has plans for him, getting him involved in the mobsters of LA (which is also where we meet the absolutely hilarious NoHo Hank). There’s only eight episodes in its first season, but season two is currently airing, so you may as well get started.
No. of Episodes: 8 (ongoing)
Available on HBO Go

Lies, conspiracy, dark secrets – sometimes all the intrigue goes down in unlikely places, and that’s what makes things interesting. Psychological thriller Homecoming is partly from the mind behind Mr. Robot (which couldn’t quite make the cut for this list as it can…drag), so expect brilliant cinematography, troubled characters and plenty of shockers. Julia Roberts stars as Heidi, who worked at a facility helping soldiers transition to civilian life. Years later, though, the Department of Defence questions her on why she left, and so a peculiar cover up starts unravelling episode by episode. The more you watch this dark tale, the more hooked you get.
No. of Episodes: 10
Available on Amazon Prime

Killing Eve
Finally, a show where Sandra Oh isn’t wearing a white doctor’s coat. Killing Eve’s initial game of cat and mouse will have you saying “What?!” once you get past the first two episodes, as you’ll slowly start to understand the two characters Eve (Oh) and Villanelle (the intimidating Jodie Comer) more and more. If you haven’t guessed, the plot is basically in the title, with Eve being a whip-smart but bored security operative while Villanelle is a psycho-turned-hitman living off the luxuries of her job. Their obsession over each other is enthralling, and their peculiar character dynamic is what will keep your eyes glued.
No. of Episodes: 17 (ongoing)
Available on Amazon Prime

The Defiant Ones
A documentary on this list? And it’s about the history of music of all things? Yes, because The Defiant Ones gives its viewers an exclusive insight into the music industry, showing off just how much of an influence Dr. Dre and producer Jimmy Lovine had in what we hear today. N.W.A, Nine Inch Nails, Gwen Stefani, Eminem – you can thank those two for all those megastars and more throughout the years, and this series lets you see how they all were found out. There are harsh times and high times, and you’ll come out with that much more respect for each artist featured. The fastest mini-series you’ll ever get through.
No. of Episodes: 4
Available on Netflix

New On the Block
Russian Doll

Name one movie or show with a time loop concept that isn’t at least enjoyable. They always seem to be a sure-fire winner, and Russian Doll is no exception. Well, it is in the way that it brings us more than just a pessimistic lady in New York trying to get out of a time loop that always starts at her 36th birthday party. Natasha Lyonne and the rest of the cast absolutely shine, and getting to know each character from a different perspective in a new timeline is a clever little way to get us attached to them. Oh, and for all the sci-fi fans, the time loop gets fairly deep,. Get watching.
No. of Episodes: 8
Available on Netflix

The Act
You know those shows with a story stranger than fiction? We wish The Act was fiction, but this true crime drama is based on a disturbing story from a Buzzfeed article back in 2015. If you know nothing about it, it’s best to go in clueless, as you’ll be scratching your head as to how the disturbing events could ever take place. As for a little heads up though, it tells the story of Dee Dee Blanchard, an overprotective mother to her ill-struck daughter, Gypsy. It’s a toxic relationship that Gypsy tries to escape, but it’s not easy when you’re trying to keep up, erm, airs. Good luck shaking off those disturbing vibes.
No. of Episodes: 8
Available on Hulu

Umbrella Academy
With everything from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in movies and the DC Universe on TV, we can understand a reluctance to watch yet another superhero show with its own world to understand. But Umbrella Academy throws all those typical hero tropes out the window and brings a new approach – what if a grown-up superhuman team weren’t really needed to save the world? Basically, a group of adopted super-powered kids form a team under their billionaire foster father, but eventually grow apart due to traumatic experiences. They all come back together years later for his funeral, only to realise the world may be ending in a few days. With characters such as Luther, a man with super-strength and a gorilla-like body who lived on the moon, Five, an old time-traveller trapped in a teenage body and Diego, a man who can throw knives really well, it’s absurdly weird and wonderful.
No. of Episodes: 10
Available on Netflix

What We Do
In The Shadows
Hey, vampires can be funny too, and all these guys want to do is live their life in everyday society – while still being able to hunt humans, of course. The cult hit comedy flick is now a full-on TV series, and before you get all: “Oh, but it won’t be the same”, its creators Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement are still on board, this time on the sidelines as directors. Shot in a mockumentary style, it takes a look at four vampire housemates living in Staten Island, all who have lived for one 100 years but from different eras. Oh, and a human who does one of the vampire’s bidding in order to get turned into one. It’s constant hilarity and showcase of awkward interactions in daily situations is simply comedy gold.
No. of Episodes: 10
Available on FX Network


If you saw the trailer for You and were immediately disappointed when it said “from the executive producer of Riverdale, we understand your frustration. Not to worry though, as You is a lot more grounded, intriguing and mysterious than that, and it’s all thanks to actor Penn Badgley. Playing a smart bookstore manager who, at first, fancies a girl on the street, but his little crush quickly turns into full-blown obsession, wanting the absolute best for her. Badgley somehow gets us to root for him and hate him at the same time, as each episode will have you morally conflicted on what he’s just done. Using his internet know-how to take care of her problems, including people, the show asks the question: How far would you go for love? We do know you’ll love to binge-watch this show.
No. of Episodes: 10 (ongoing)
Available on Netflix

Animated Spectacular
Attack on Titan
If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll already know how this is a no-brainer. If you’re not, it’s basically Game of Thrones except with towering, creepy titans that can only be defeated by slashing the nape of their necks. It’s odd, but the more you watch this epic show, the more it all makes sense. It starts off with our protagonist, Eren Yeager on a quest for revenge after witnessing his mother graphically being executed by one of titans, joining the Survey Corps to take them all down. But it’s only a few episodes later that the plot takes a complete turn and goes well beyond revenge, turning into a conspiracy-driven story you won’t expect. This is the embodiment of “emotional hype”. Don’t miss out.
No. of Episodes: 50 (ongoing)
Available on Crunchyroll

BoJack Horseman

It’s hard enough to explain what BoJack Horseman is – a dramedy set in a world where there’s humanoid animals but also humans? A mix of Mad Men and Entourage except it’s about an animated horse? An animal pun generator? It’s all those things, which is why we’re always keen on setting aside six hours as soon as a new season comes out. For all of its witty humour and animal-related skits, there’s an equal number of moments that gives viewers, ironically, the most realistic look of the life of a star in Hollywood (or Hollywoo in the show). It’s received critical acclaim across the board, and there’s no reason to turn this one down. Also, it’ll teach you that stirring olive oil into pasta does not make it less sticky. The more you know.
No. of Episodes: 60 (ongoing)
Available on Netflix

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Let’s face it, most people won’t watch anime because it looks like a cartoon. As adults we believe we’re over it, but give in just a little and you’ll see just how heavily most of these shows rely on adult themes. There’s no better place to start than Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, one of the best shows on TV, period. It follows the story of brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric on the hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone, a powerful gem that can make your wildest dreams come true. After a failed experiment trying to bring their mother back to life, Al loses his entire body and now inhabits a knight’s armour, while Ed loses his arm and leg. To get their bodies back, they must track down the stone, only to realise other formidable foes are on the search for it. It may not sound like much, but it’s full of laughter, sadness and betrayal, and you won’t stop once you start.
No. of Episodes: 64
Available on Netflix

Upcoming delights
Good Omens

What happens when the forces of good and evil come together to save the world from impending doom? Absolute hilarity. The new Amazon Prime show is from dream team writers Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and stars David Tennant, Michael Sheen, Benedict Cumberbatch and Frances McDormand. Nothing but hype with this one.
Available on Amazon Prime, 2019

Stranger Things Season 3

The Upside Down just keeps coming back to haunt the kids in Hawkins, Indiana, but we’re happy enough to watch them go through all the terror once again because Stranger Things is just that entertaining. This time they’re all grown up, and friendships seem to be a bit shakier. We hope all the doom will bring them together
Available on Netflix, July 4

The Mandalorian

There was a lot of Lightsaber action at the Stars Wars Celebration event, but one of the best things to come out of it was the announcement of The Mandalorian, a brand-new Star Wars TV series about a lone gunfighter travelling the outer reaches of the galaxy, starring Pedro Pascal. You know, The Viper from Game of Thrones.
Available on Disney+, 2019

The Silver Screen Binge
Marvel Cinematic Universe

There are 22 full-length movies (and counting) in this massive franchise. That’s like a 22-episode season, except each episode is about two hours long. You couldn’t take on all these movies in one day even if you tried, but over a three-day weekend? Just maybe.
Available on Netflix (some)

Before Trilogy

If you’re up for a sweet, minimalist trilogy that realistically portrays how love starts, stays and slips away, you’re in for a treat with the Before series. It’s basically Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy walking around and talking. Sounds boring, but the script is just immaculate.
Available on Amazon Prime

The Lord of the Rings

Could you really watch J. R. R. Tolkien’s on-screen masterpieces one by one these days? It has to be done in one sitting, and while it might be a long one – a total of 682 minutes in total – you will always remember the day you sat through the awe-inspiring trilogy.
Available on Netflix