Darragh Murphy09 May 2019 AT 11:12 AM

IT Chapter Two trailer releasing today

Expect Pennywise to return to theatres on September 6, 2019
Darragh Murphy09 May 2019 AT 11:12 AM
IT Chapter Two trailer releasing today

Unless you went to CinemaCon in Las Vegas last month, which showed off a clip of IT Chapter Two (lucky people), nobody has seen a glimpse of the sequel to Stephen King’s wildly popular horror movie. That all ends now.

The hugely anticipated IT: Chapter Two is getting a brand-new trailer today, and the countdown has already begun. It premieres at 8pm, and you can keep an eye out for it below...

Not a lot has been revealed (unless you’ve seen the 1990 movie or read Stephen King’s novel), but the sequel will see all the kids from “The Loser’s Club” all grown-up, traumatised by the terrifying Pennywise the Dancing Clown during the events in the first flick.

We’re getting some A-list actors to play the older versions of the little ones, including James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough, Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh and Bill Hader as Richie Tozier.

Audiences can still expect the brilliant Bill Skarsgård to reprise his horrifying role as Pennywise, so expect to hear more of “you’ll float too!” Yikes.

To get audiences even more excited, Stephen King himself has already seen the movie, and he has this to say in his tweet.

Well, if the creator of the story says “it’s terrific”, we know we’re in for a good (yet terrifying) time.

As for other movies coming soon and beyond this year, Disney has released its movie schedule through until 2027. Prepare to see a lot more Avatar movies.

We just hope the trailer won’t be as bad as Sonic The Hedgehog’s one. You’ll see why once you’ve watched it through to the end.

We're sure we'll float once we see the trailer.