Sebastian Sykes16 May 2019 AT 03:04 PM

Black Mirror Season 5 trailer is here

Social Media madness returns, and this time it stars Miley Cyrus
Sebastian Sykes16 May 2019 AT 03:04 PM
Black Mirror Season 5 trailer is here

If this year’s arguably brilliant Bandersnatch on Netflix has got you excited for what’s to come next in the Black Mirror universe, wait until you see what the season five trailer brings.

Black Mirror is officially coming back on Wednesday June 5, but you won’t want to binge the whole season in one go, as there are only three episodes coming.

The first episode, Striking Vipers, shows Anthony Mackie, The Falcon from Avengers: Endgame, as a family man who is apparently struggling with his role in the world.

And there’s seems to be a connection with a hyper-realistic beat-em-up-style game. Of course there is...

There’s also Smithereens, seemingly about a man going insane as a result of everyone around him constantly looking down at their phones. It stars Andrew Scott, who played Jim Moriarty in Sherlock and starred in James Bond’s Spectre.

Finally, there’s Episode #5.3 (no, that’s not the actual name of the episode), which intriguingly stars international pop singer Miley Cyrus. How’s that for a Black Mirror twist?

The episode also features an advanced Siri-type robot that gets a little too intelligent, and starts to talk about the ‘truths’ of the world. Definitely dark dystopian themes here.

Haven’t seen it yet? Be sure to check it out below.

While we wait for the brand-new season, here are 13 (and a few more surprises) binge-worthy TV shows to check out right now. It will take you all summer long to get through.

In other Netflix news, the streaming service will be showing up at E3 2019, showcasing a list of Netflix originals that will be made into games. Black Mirror thriller? Yes, please.

We can’t wait.