Mark Conlon22 May 2019 AT 12:16 PM

New Maradona film premieres at Cannes

Diego Maradona is directed by Oscar-winner Asif Kapadia, who worked on Ayrton Senna and Amy Winehouse movies
Mark Conlon22 May 2019 AT 12:16 PM
New Maradona film premieres at Cannes

A documentary film focusing on the controversial former footballer, Diego Maradona, has been given its world premiere at Cannes.

The Argentinian has a home in Dubai and has managed Al Wasl and Fujairah football teams.

Following his work on both Senna and Amy, for which he won an Oscar, British director Asif Kapadia is the man behind the production, which receives the warts-and-all documentary treatment.

Kapadia himself calls Diego Maradona the third chapter in a “trilogy,” and it’s undoubtedly a fascinating insight into one of the most talented – and troublesome – players of all-time.

The film charts Maradona’s rise from his early days growing up in the shanty towns of Argentina, right through to the point where his stock, on the football pitch at least, couldn’t have been any higher.

It focuses particularly on his seven-year stint at Italian club Napoli, who secured the Serie A title on two separate occasions in the late ‘80s largely thanks to the brilliance of Maradona, the infamous goal against England at the 1986 World Cup and his difficult relationship with son, Diego Jr.

One of the film’s key qualities is the amount of archive footage captured at key moments in Maradona’s life, such as the day he signed for Napoli, which is all thanks to the foresight of Jorge Cyterszpiler, who acted as the player’s agent early in his career and recruited Argentinian cameraman Juan Laburu and Italian Luigi Martucci to document Maradona’s life with fly-on-the-wall intimacy.

Ahead of its world premiere in Cannes, HBO signed up U.S. rights, with a streaming debut scheduled from September. Watch this space for a UAE release.