Sebastian Sykes22 May 2019 AT 12:26 PM

Game of Thrones actor confirms “There will never be a remake”

A lot of fans aren’t happy about GoT’s latest season…
Sebastian Sykes22 May 2019 AT 12:26 PM
Game of Thrones actor confirms “There will never be a remake”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or an iron throne in this case?), you’ll have heard that Game of Thrones recently aired its final episode.

It was a divisive final season which a lot of fans weren’t too pleased about. In fact, over one million people have signed a petition to remake it. Yikes.

In an interview with CNN’s Becky Anderson on Connect the World, Game of Thrones actor Kristofer Hivju (playing the hardy wildling Tormund Giantsbane) discussed his thoughts on the final season and reflects on his years spent filming the popular show.

On the topic of the petition, Hivju told CNN “there will never be a remake, what we’ve made is what we’ve made and I’m very proud of it”. Well, that’s that then.

“I am happy with the ending but that is the essence of Game of Thrones, people should be discussing everything, and people should be doubting everything because it’s unexpected.”

When asked about his thoughts on whether the show would be as big as it was, Hivju said, “When I joined the show in season three it felt like I was joining the Beatles and then the Beatles just started to grow. The enthusiasm has been overwhelming and I must say it has just been a crazy ride and here we are. The end is here.”

“When we came back from every season it felt like we had to do it better. The ambition grew, the budgets grew and everybody… we were like a family because we had been working together for like eight years some of us, six years some of us and everybody was giving their ultimate best because that’s what we think you deserve”

Sorry, all those who signed the petition, you’re fighting a lost cause.

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