Darragh Murphy25 Jun 2019 AT 11:50 AM

Here are the most popular Stranger Things characters according to Twitter

Wait, Eleven isn’t the most loved character?
Darragh Murphy25 Jun 2019 AT 11:50 AM
Here are the most popular Stranger Things characters according to Twitter

With the third season of Stranger Things almost here, and to celebrate the hype, musicMagpie has rounded up and analysed over 64 million tweets about the show to discover the internet’s favourite characters.

Some of the stats may surprise, while others are fairly obvious. And sorry fans of Barbara Holland, she didn’t make it onto the list. Check out all the stats below.

For most talked about characters, Eleven was the one fans just couldn’t stop discussing, with 1,018,636 tweets on the subject of the young teen with a nosebleed. Will Byers came in second, with 794,083 mentions.

1. Eleven – 1,018,636 mentions
2. Will Byers – 784,083 mentions
3. Steve Harrington – 465,510 mentions
4. Dustin Henderson – 385,663 mentions
5. Mike Wheeler – 358,450 mentions

As for best loved, Lucas Sinclair was the most popular character, with 86 percent of tweets about how great he is, followed by Jim Hopper with 83 percent positive tweets.

1. Lucas Sinclair – 86 percent
2. Jim Hopper – 83 percent
3. Steve Harrington – 81 percent
4. Jonathan Byers – 80 percent
5. Joyce Byers – 78 percent

Stranger Things introduced us to a number of different couples throughout its first two seasons, and fans were quick to get behind their favourites.

Mike and Eleven generated the most conversation, with 143,931 tweets sent discussing the pair. However, it was the new-found friendship between Dustin and Steve in season two that made fans the happiest, with 94 percent of tweets just talking about them.

Finally, for all the quirky discussion points points, fans were talking about Eleven’s snack of choice, eggos, with 70,592 mentions, and Steve’s hair with 17,061 tweets shared about his luscious locks.

For all the results, along with other popular shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, head over to musicMagpie.

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