26 Jun 2019 AT 01:05 PM

New Netflix sci-fi movie to star George Clooney

The A-lister will direct and star in Good Morning, Midnight
26 Jun 2019 AT 01:05 PM
New Netflix sci-fi movie to star George Clooney

If you’re a fan of post-apocalyptic sci-fi films, you’re going to love Netflix’s upcoming flick, and it’s even directed by and starring George Clooney.

Good Morning, Midnight is an adaptation of a 2016 novel by Lily Brooks-Dalton, and focuses on the trials of Augustine, a scientist stationed in the Arctic trying to make contact with a UFO attempting to land on earth.

After years of living in remote areas trying to understand the stars, he meets a “mysterious child” and is faced with a catastrophe only he can navigate. We want to see it now.

While we’re not sure when it will be released, we do know it’s been adapted for the screen by Mark L. Smith, who also wrote the screenplay for The Revenant. Smith sure likes his snowy landscapes.

“Grant and I couldn’t be more excited to be involved with this incredible project”, Clooney said.

“Mark is a writer we’ve long admired and his script is haunting. We’re thrilled to be working with our friends at Netflix as well.”

Scott Stuber, head of film at Netflix, added that he “couldn’t think of anyone better to bring this amazing story to life”.

“The book is powerful and moving, and Mark’s adaptation is beautifully written. At its core, this is a story about human nature, and one that I know our global audiences will fall in love with, just like I did when I read it.”

Clooney has fully embraced streaming platforms and their attempts to create great original programming, and this isn’t his first foray into the discipline. He’s also just finished work on the brilliant Catch 22 on Hulu, which is definitely worth the watch.

Fingers crossed that Clooney’s new series will be just as brilliant and well executed.

As for other TV shows going around, you’ll want to see Amazon’s strange new show called The Boys, which is all about taking down superheroes.