What we're watching and playing in Dubai this week

Brad Pitt heads to the stars (and beyond), while the mayhem returns in Borderlands 3
What we're watching and playing in Dubai this week
10 Sep 2019 AT 03:42 PM
10 Sep 2019 AT 03:42 PM

Rambo: Last Blood (R)

That irrational sheriff in Hope, Washington sparked Rambo to scream “they drew first, not me”, as the small-town cop did indeed draw first blood in the first thrilling flick of the action hero franchise. Although, we’re fairly sure Sylvester Stallone went in guns a-blazing (definitely) first in the following three sequels (that machine gun scene in Rambo 4? Come on, that’s just mean). Now, after a decade of resting, Rambo returns for one last tango, but it’s looking like a dance we’ve seen one too many times.

John Rambo – no, he isn’t single-named, like Bono – is living the rest of his years on an isolated farm, tending to the cows, riding horses, the farming life. Alas, there’s always a cry for help he can’t turn down, no matter how stubborn he is. His friend’s daughter gets kidnapped, which then takes Rambo over the US border to Mexico to get her back. Who is she kidnapped by? One of the most notorious Mexican cartels in all the country, no less. Let all the R-rated violence commence.

Wait a minute, doesn’t this sound like X-Men’s Logan? Or Liam Neeson’s Taken? Or any other disgruntled old action hero flick to show the world they need to respect their elders? We’ll leave you answer that, but either way, we’re sure the very last film in the franchise will go out with a bang.

Stallone still packs a wallop in terms of action, and his acting prowess has impressed audiences thanks to his roll in Creed. Who knows, maybe we’ll even miss him.
In cinemas September 19

Ad Astra (12+)
If there’s one way to keep us interested in another philosophically enlightening space drama, it’s putting Brad Pitt in it. Fittingly, he’s like a large object of mass with a gravitational pull strong enough to grasp anyone’s attention. Pitt must travel to the far reaches of space to figure out what’s happened to his father (who should be dead by now), leading him down a trail that may lead to the end of our planet. It works well.
In cinemas September 19


Pretty much anything with David Tenant’s name associated with crime drama is a sure-fire winner. Although, it looks like he may only be in one of the episodes in this 12-episode cat-and-mouse Netflix series. Basically, it’s 12 stories set in four different countries – UK, Germany, France and Spain - each taking place within the confines of a police interview room. So, don’t expect to see much scenery in this particular drama.
Out on Netflix September 20


Jesse Faden, the chief protagonist, is tasked with seeking out The Oldest House in New York in a bid to locate her missing brother. It’s not as simple as it sounds, in fact it’s quite confusing, with many layers for gamers to get to grips with. Corrupted previous employees of The Oldest House make Jesse’s task all the more difficult, and if you want to get involved, it’s probably a good idea to dedicate a decent amount of time to this one.
Out now on PS4, X-Box and PC


One of the best, and most controversial, footballers of all-time, Diego Maradona’s career has been far too eventful to squeeze into a couple of hours. But this documentary, produced by Asif Kapadia, the man responsible for similar films about the lives of Ayrton Senna and Amy Winehouse, does a pretty god job of telling his story. Featuring never-seen-before footage of the Argentine, it’s a must-watch. Check it out.
In cinemas now