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Dubai is a multicultural place, with pockets of people from just about every region of the world living and working together. In fact, so cosmopolitan is it that it’s sometimes easy to forget that this is an Arab country. But if you think about it, every street sign in English is actually a concession to the people who have arrived from all over the world; there certainly aren’t multilinhgual directions over the boulevards of Paris or the A roads around London.

As a result, perhaps, many of the local names have become a touch mangled by imprecise transliteration. There are no letters in English, for example, for the Arabic “kh” or heavy “th”, which means most non-Arabic speakers use rough, Anglicised versions of the places around them.

So, in the spirit of education, unity and other warm, fuzzy stuff, we went on DubaiEye with a native Arab speaker and communication expert to try and sort it out.

Listen, learn and use…

listen to ‘The Ticket 5, 18.06.2015’ on audioBoom

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