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The week in UAE TV: June 28-July 4



We know it’s no longer in vogue, but we still like to crash in front of the TV and reach for the remote. Here are this week’s reasons why.

Reality: WWII’s Greatest Raids (episode 1)
When: Monday 29, 21:00
Tales of daring in the Second World War are not in short supply and this series alone tells of some great ones, but raid really is the pick of the bunch. Members of the British Light Infantry have to crash-landing gliders into Northern France and take control of two bridges that were in the hands of the Nazis. Fail, and the D-Day landings will probably fail as well. Huge pressure against the odds, if this were fiction you would say it was far-fetched but young men in their 20s really pulled this off. Stirring stuff.
Channel: Nation Geographic channel

Classic film: High Fidelity
When: Monday 29, 22:00
The Nick Hornby book this is based on is already over 20 years old, the film 15 years old, but both film and book still resonate brilliantly today. The location moves the story from London to Chicago and the narrator’s name is changed, but the narrative of pop culture and human relationships remains as astute on film as in print. Obsession, trivia and love explained perfectly – it’s worth catching, as films like this (as lead John Cusack pointed out recently) just wouldn’t get made today.
Channel: OSN Movies Comedy

Comedy: Stephen Merchant: Hello Ladies Live
When: Tuesday 30, 22:00
The live stand-up show from the co-creator of The Office and Extras is more than enough to suggest he never got enough credit for his TV work. From being tall to the banality of textspeak it’s not exactly cutting edge, but the observations and sharp and very witty. If you liked any of his TV series, including the vastly-underrated HBO comedy Hello Ladies (which is partly based on this live show) this is well worth watching.
Channel: OSN Movies Comedy

Modern film: St Vincent
When:  Wednesday 1, 23:00
Although it never fully lived up to the expectation (the film was hugely hyped even at script stage) this tale of grumpy old neighbour being hired by a single working mum look after her young boy is good fun. It works because the neighbour is an irascible Bill Murray and the mum is actress-of-the-moment Melissa McCarthy. It’s not original, but this is a superior take on the friendship-over-a-generation-gap trope.
Channel: OSN Movies

Sport: Tour De France
When: Saturday 4, 17:00
The start of this year’s race is actually in Holland and the tour won’t get into France until later in the week, but stage one is a short 13.7km individual time trial so it’s worth tuning in. While the big stages provide gentle, meandering viewing with long-shots of the peloton snaking through the countryside, this will be high-intensity bursts of speed. Watch out for the German Tony Martin who should do well today.
Channel: BeIn Sports

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