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The Week in UAE TV: August 16-22



We have a real strange brew of highlights this week, all of which are about conclusions. Nasa’s Pluto mission reached the end of the solar system, a popular Cold War series comes to a close and Aussie skipper Michael Clarke plays his last ever Test match. Emotional stuff…

Series: The Americans (finale)
When: Tuesday 18, 22:00
It’s rare that series get better as they go on, but the third season of The Americans has been outstanding, with critics united in giving rave reviews. The story of undercover Russian spies posing as a family in Cold War America has now reached 1982 and as dramas (period or otherwise) go this has been up there with the best. See the finale tonight, or if you’re slow to this one, catch up with a box set.
Channel: OSN First HD

Modern Film: Big Hero 6
When: Wednesday 19th 20:15
It rightly won the Oscar for best animated feature at the last Academy Awards and visually this is an incredibly film from the Disney Studio. But once you get past the beautifully rendered futuristic, fictional, city of San Fransokyo the story of a boy and his robot is brilliant. And more proof, if it were needed, that Marvel Comic adaptations don’t begin and end with live-action superheroes and mutants. You will be charmed.
Channel: OSN Movies HD+2

The match: Fifth Test, England vs Australia, The Oval
When: Thursday 20, 14:00
What’s sport without tension? Well, depends if you’re and Englishman or Aussie, we suppose. The Ashes might already have been wrapped up but the fifth and final test of a surprising series ought to be eminently watchable as the shackles come off the likes of Bell, Warner and Smith. This is also Australian skipper Michael Clarke’s last Test match, so hankies at the ready.
Channel: OSN Sports 1HD

Reality: I Escaped A Cult (episode 1)
When: Friday 21, 21:50
No, it’s not about finally getting out of your CrossFit class, but a new series about people who escaped (or were rescued from) some of the most notorious cults. The series begins with Leslie Wagner-Wilson’s recollections of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple. It’s not easy watching — although more from what it refers to than showing anything too graphic – but this is a creepy look at some of the strangest cults and their oddly charismatic leaders.
Channel: Nat Geo HD

Factual: Mission Pluto
When: Saturday 22, 19.50
A staple of the “And finally…” segment of international news show for the last few months, NASA’s Pluto mission has set the scientific community abuzz, beaming back incredible pictures from the furthest reaches of our solar system. In this landmark film by futurist Jason Silva, we can get a behind-the-scenes-look at what made it possible.
Channel: National Geographic

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