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The Week in UAE TV: August 30-Sept 5



Award-season gets earlier and earlier, doesn’t it? MTV get the red carpet out for their televised back-slap-athon, which usually generates more headlines for what Kanye West does than any of the music on offer. We’ll see whose award he steals this year…

Music: The 2015 MTV Music Video awards
When: Monday 31, 21:00
Presented by Miley Cyrus, this year’s awards is largely expected to be a night in which the world further worships Taylor Swift, who is nominated for 10 awards, and Kanye West who gets his lifetime achievement tribute. The MTV awards are usually good fun in general and have come a long way since the days when Billy Joel and Lionel Ritchie were being held up as paragons of cool.
Channel: MTV

Classic Film: Rushmore
When: Tuesday 1, 22:00
There is clearly a mini Wes Anderson season going on right now. OSN have shown The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic recently so it was probably no surprise that this classic about a non-conformist student (Jason Schwarzman) and bored millionaire (Bill Murray) made an outing. It made Anderson and Schwartzman stars and started the Murray renaissance and it’s just as charming now as it was when it was released 17 years ago. A Catcher in the Rye for the Nineties that was hugely influential on modern filmmaking.
Channel: OSN Movies Festival

Modern Film: Grand Piano
When: Friday 4, 18:00
Elijah Wood is a pianist who is told he has to play a difficult piece of music perfectly live on stage or a sniper (John Cusack) will kill him. Cusack – off-screen the whole time – is the voice in the ear of the terrified musician who can’t hit a bum note, while Wood slowly finds out why his life depends on a flawless concert performance. It sounds odd but this is a really original and superbly tense film that flies by for its snappy 90 minutes run time.
Channel: OSN Movies Festival

Series: Agatha Christie’s Marple: A Caribbean Mystery
When: Saturday 5, 16:35
For those who want something a little gentler, with that old, British Sunday-night TV feel, then this modern Marple drama is for you. Scripted by UK comedian Charlie Higson and with Julia McKenzie as the spinster sleuth, this is the first of three separate whodunit stories from one of the old masters of the genre. A nice antidote to all the explosions, sport and car chases.
Channel: ITV Choice

Factual: Future Scream Machines (episode 1)
When: Saturday 5, 18:00
A behind-the-scenes look at some of the cutting-edge technology that will soon be used to create rides in amusement parks around the world. With all the new theme parks on their way to the UAE, this is a smart look at what we can expect to be riding over here in a few years’ time. A 1,000ft-high vertical ride and a levitating rollercoaster, anyone?
Channel: Travel

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