The Week in UAE TV: Sept 14-19

The stars of the box this week look like an awards show line-up. Eddie Redmayne, Ryan Reynolds and Leonardo DiCaprio bring us some modern classics, in the form of Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Buried and The Basketball Diaries. We’ve also got some back to basics cooking, and a hotly anticipated football match between two rivals.

Reality: Bill’s Kitchen: Notting Hill (episode 1)
When: Monday September 14, 7.10pm
Many food shows have started to get more extreme in order to stand out – but this returns to the basics. Affable Australian chef Bill Granger (famous in Sydney for his café) talks you though what he calls “it’s good to be home” recipes, including in this first episode, a ginger and garlic fried rice with lime and coriander. Watching this will make you hungry, but unlike on other shows (Heston we’re looking at you here), the food featured here is simple enough to make yourself.
Channel: BBC Lifestyle

Series: Tess of the D’Urbervilles (episode 1)
When: Tuesday September 15, 9pm
The first of the four-part BBC adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s classic may sound a little dry and worthy, but with Gemma Arterton and Eddie Redmayne in the leads and the adaptation coming from One Day author David Nicholls, the Victorian romance tale feels nothing like a televised double-English lesson from school. And a couple of scenes here are a bit saucy and definitely not for children.
Channel: BBC Entertainment

Modern Film: Buried
When: Thursday September 17, 11pm
Few horror films will stay with you quite like the 1988 Dutch film The Vanishing, and while this American remake (set in Iraq) is not as shocking, it’s nevertheless a fine thriller. Ryan Reynolds is the U.S. contractor kidnapped and buried alive in a coffin armed with just his dying mobile phone to try and get help. Claustrophobic and affecting, it doesn’t soften itself for Hollywood and will have you gripped until the final few seconds.
Channel: OSM Movies Premiere +2

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Classic Film: The Basketball Diaries
When: Tuesday September 15, 1am
The 21-year old Leonardo DiCaprio is brilliant in this 1995 film adaptation of Jim Carroll’s memoir of his troubled youth in the Sixties. But it’s also one of those films where you forget just how great the whole cast is, including Michael Imperioli and Loraine Bracco (who would both go on to do The Sopranos), Bruno Kirby, Michael Rapaport and Mark Whalberg – impressive in his first major role after leaving New Kids On The Block. Set the DVR for this one.
Channel: AMC

Sport: Chelsea v Arsenal
When: Saturday September 19, 3.45pm
A big game at any time, but given the poor starts that both sides have had to the season, the pressure will be on to win points of a title rival. Add to that, the barely-disguised loathing between managers Jose Mourinho and Arsene Wenger (who have been having digs at each other through the media since July) and Jose’s desire to avenge the Charity Shield defeat and this could be an early-season classic.
Channel: BeIN Sports 11

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