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This Week in UAE TV: Sep 28-Oct 3



News that OSN have decided not to air the Daily Show was disappointing for some. But those who are keen to see Trevor Noah make his debut can watch the best clips on Comedy Central’s website. On top of that we’ve got some new series and a James Dean triple bill – basically the three films that made him famous.

Series: The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
When: Monday 28th, 22:00
After Jon Stewart’s protracted goodbye, the new guy finally tries to fill some of the biggest shoes on TV. Sadly, OSN have made the bizarre decision to stop screening the Daily Show, saying “We did not believe that Noah will hold the show for our target audience.” Instead they’re showing re-runs of other things. But Comedy Central upload the show (in segments) to their website for free so you can still watch the new season of one of the best TV series.

Series: Quantico (season 1 episode 1)
When: Monday 28th, 21:00
New drama following a group of young FBI recruits at the training academy in Quantico, Virginia. Coming from the ABC channel it’s glossy and easy to follow and their choice of Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra illustrates the makers desire for glamour rather than grit. It feels a little like what Homeland would have been if it had come from Shonda Rhimes – sure, there’s lots of drama but it’s soapy at times. If you thought Grey’s Anatomy needed guns then you’ll love this.
Channel: OSN First

Series: Blood and Oil (season 1 episode 1)
When: Tuesday 29th, 22:00
This new primetime American soap opera is an obvious attempt to recreate series like Dallas and Dynasty from the Eighties. It’s even based on the oil industry, as it follows a couple who move to North Dakota and its big star is Don Johnson, formerly of Eighties hit Miami Vice as the JR Ewing character. Hugely melodramatic, it’s an enormous throwback to an older style of drama that’s perfect if you missed out the first time around.
Channel: OSN First

Classic Films: James Dean triple bill
When: Wednesday 30th, from 19:45
A James Dean triple bill with Giant, followed (at 23:00) by Rebel Without a Cause, then East of Eden (00:50). His reputation is almost entirely built upon these three films, with the rest of his acting being very minor unaccredited roles and bit parts on television. They are, however, three genuine classics with Rebel Without a Cause one of the most influential films of the decade. He may have died at just 24 years of age, but few actors have had such an influence on youth culture as James Dean.
Channel: TCM

Series: The Blacklist (season 3, episode 1)
When: Saturday 3rd, 11pm
The third series of one of the rarest things on TV – a show that gets better as it goes on. It was always a decent thriller, but throughout the first two seasons more characters and plot strands have been added and it’s now a sprawling modern epic. You’ll enjoy it more if you catch up on any you’ve missed, (and persevere with the slowish middle of season one), but it’s worth a box-set binge to get ready for round three of spies, murder, surveillance and corruption.
Channel: OSN First

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