VIDEO: Emirates A380 flying low over Palm Jumeirah

If you went for a jog on the Palm Jumeirah this morning at 6am (which believe it or not your ShortList team did )… then chances are that like us, you probably ran a bit faster than usual.

Not because we have become super fit – but because of the spectacular sight of an Emirates A380 double decker jumbo jet flying low over the islands. Many other fitness freaks were both puzzled and a little worried, as the A380 made several low flying loops around the Palm, across the Arabian Sea and then down back towards Dubai Marina and JBR.

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The sight of a small jet flying close by and a helicopter above didn’t do much for the nerves either. But fear not – as we revealed yesterday, the airline is carrying out a special air-to-air filming programme for the plane as it flies low across some of the iconic parts of Dubai.

You can watch a couple of exclusive videos we took just before 7am on Tuesday morning after completing the ShortList workout.

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How long will this continue for? Nobody is telling us for certain though we expect it may carry on for a few days.

If it happens again tomorrow, the best viewing spot is the centre of the Palm Jumeirah running track, where the bicycles are stored and can be rented. From there you get a pretty decent view of the A380 flying directly overhead and performing some sharp turns. As well as flying a lot closer to the ground than usual, it’s moving very slowly – we reckon barely 300 miles per hour, which is close to landing speed, so you can get some brilliant videos and pictures. The only problem is you need to get there by 6.15am…

Our guess is that Emirates is rehearsing for what could be a surprise celebration on October 25th when it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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