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4 films to catch at the cinema this week



Spectre (PG13)
Matching the success of 2012’s Skyfall was always going to be a big ask for director Sam Mendes and his leading man, Daniel Craig.But with a dazzling mix of locations, action sequences and a supporting cast that includes the formidable presence of Christopher Waltz and Monica Belluci, Spectre has taken aim and given it its best shot. You would expect nothing else, of course. If this is to be Craig’s swansong, he has done himself – and the series to which he has breathed new life – proud. See more on page 24.
In cinemas on November 6

He named me Malala (G)
Shot by the Taliban for seeking an education, the story of then 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai captured the world’s attention. This documentary provides a tender and often very moving portrait of the Pakistani teenager, from her “normal” home life to examining how the assassination attempt has changed her, and her fight for  girls’ education that culminated in a Nobel Peace Prize.
In cinemas November 5

Visions (18)
Having survived a particularly nasty car crash, pregnant Eveleigh (Isla Fisher) begins the road to recovery on a small vineyard with her husband. It isn’t long, however, until this sanctity is soon broken as Eveleigh – following a cryptic warning about her new home’s last inhabitants – soon begins seeing things. Objects moving around, marks appearing on the wall out of nowhere… is it the after effects of her traumatic crash, as her doctor advises, or is something much more sinister at play?
In cinemas November 5

Ashby (18)
Jake is given an assignment of “talking to old people” by his teacher in a bid to give the students a more worldly outlook on life. As it would turn out, the neighbour whose door Jack knocks on turns out to be Ashby, a retired CIA assassin, played by Mickey Rourke. With only a few months left to live, Ashby ends up passing off his various life lessons to his initially unwilling accomplice – which also includes a contract killing or two.
In cinemas now

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