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6 movies in UAE cinemas this week



The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (PG13)
The conclusion of The Hunger Games franchise has come at last, spelling an all-out revolution in the dystopian domain of District 13. We catch up with the tale as Jennifer Lawrence’s cult-heroine Katniss Everdeen leads the people’s mutiny against the Capitol. Expect a deluge of battle scenes, infused with heart-wrenching sacrifices, with Katniss risking it all to end President Snow’s brutal regime.
In cinemas November 19

Our Brand is Crisis
Based on Rachel Boynton’s documentary exploring the American political process, Our Brand is Crisis sees Sandra Bullock as election strategist Jane, campaigning for a fledging Bolivian presidential candidate, finding a political rival in her ex-lover Billy Bob Thornton along the way. It’s a very different role for Bullock, but playing the talented yet fallible sort suits her well.
In cinemas now

Unconscious/ AKA Amnesiac (15+)
Usually cast as irritatingly wholesome, nice-as-pie characters, blue-eyed Aussie beauty Kate Bosworth is in full-blown psychopath mode in Unconscious. When accident victim Wes Bentley wakes up in his eerily decorated home with amnesia, he’s not sure whether the creepy woman tending to him (Bosworth) is, as she claims, his wife. His unease only grows when he finds bloodied walls and a dead body in the basement.
In cinemas now

Strangerland (PG)
Nicole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes find themselves living every parent’s nightmare when their teenage children disappear. This, though, is in the Australian outback with the added sting of an unforgiving sandstorm fast approaching. Couple this with the murky family backstory and sinister secret that the excessively eyebrowed Hugo Weaving is determined to uncover, and you’ve got yourself a gripping enough Aussie art-house thriller from debut director Kim Farant.
In cinemas now

The 33 (18)
In 2010, when a tunnel collapse in Chile trapped 33 miners more than 200 storeys underground, the world held its breath for 69 days. Starring Antonio Banderas, James Brolin and Gabriel Byrne, The 33 documents the incredible, life-affirming struggle of both those trapped in the mine’s depths, and the families who refused to give up on them. For extra authenticity, the film was shot in Chile’s Atacama desert, mere kilometres from where the event took place. We challenge you not to well-up at the trailer.
In cinemas now

Love the Coopers (PG15)
The Yuletide cinema season arrives especially early this year, with the all-star cast affair that is Love the Coopers. The formula is a classic one: four generations of one dysfunctional family are forced together for what’s supposed to be the annual “good time” of Christmas – but that no one ever enjoys. This time, however, the eldest of the Coopers (John Goodman and Diane Keaton) are determined to make this holiday, one for the ages. A little cliché, but still good festive fodder to get you in the spirit (albeit prematurely).
In cinemas now

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