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6 films in UAE cinemas this week



Bridge of Spies (PG13)
The cinematic dream team that is the Spielberg-Hanks partnership returns with Bridge of Spies, a tense Cold War thriller based on the real-life prisoner exchange negotiation between the Soviet Union and America. Hanks is cast as compassionately judicious US attorney James Donovan, the man tasked with securing the release of a captured American pilot, a job that puts him in both the national spotlight, and eventually behind the perilously dangerous Iron Curtain.
In cinemas now

Miss you Already (PG15)
Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette star as inseparable BFF’s whose friendship undergoes the harshest of tests when one is diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. While it doesn’t sound the most uplifting of films, this bittersweet “dramedy” actually is, in the same way 50-50 was for guys. Pulling no punches in dealing with a horrible subject, it’s a sensitive insight into the way everyday people cope with tough situations.
In cinemas now

A Perfect Day (PG15)
Set in 1955 in the Balkans, A Perfect Day sees Benicio del Toro head a team of humanitarians desperate to restore the water supply for a small town still trapped in post-civil war fear. Standing in their way of achieving this philanthropic feat is a dead body at the bottom of the well that the aid workers are trying to clear.  More specifically, a dead body they can’t haul out, and one that’s removal is causing all kinds of political tension in the tiny settlement.
In cinemas now

Creed: Rocky’s Legacy (18tc)
Yep, it’s another Rocky film. This time around, the increasingly inaudible Sylvester Stallone serves as trainer-cum-mentor to, wait for it…Apollo Creed’s son (Michael B Jordan). Somehow, Balboa must teach the troubled Creed Jr to shrug off the expectation that comes with his father’s name, and then try to channel his teen angst and penchant for throwing punches into becoming a boxing champ.
In cinemas November 26

The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2
In the epic conclusion of the franchise, Katniss leads the people’s revolution against the Capitol.
In cinemas now

The Secret in Their Eyes
Julia Roberts stars as a detective hellbent on revenge after her teenage daughter is murdered.
In cinemas now

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