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6 films to see in the UAE this week



The Lobster
If you had to be turned into an animal, what would it be? It’s this ridiculous ultimatum that Colin Farrell must answer in The Lobster (no prizes for guessing what he chooses), a surreal satire set in a dystopian future where all single people who fail to find love are turned into wild animals. Ordered by the governing powers to stay at “The Hotel” and given no more than 45 days to try and find a partner, Farrell is lumbered with fellow lonely-heart residents Ben Wishaw, John C Reilly and Rachel Weisz – with the latter hopefully offering salvation to his imminent crustacean-based fate.
In cinemas now

The Keeping Room (15+)
It’s the dying days of the American Civil War, and three young women are forced to defend their home from two particularly horrible Union soldiers, separated from their fast-approaching platoon, and out to terrorise. It’s not the most complex of storylines, but works as a surprisingly engaging “under-siege” drama, with Sam Worthington taking a creepily sinister turn as one-half of the soldier pairing.
In cinemas now

Zinzana  (18tc)
Talal has just woken up in a police cell, with no memory of what’s happened to him or how he got there. A deeply unsettling situation to find oneself at any time, but one that’s made infinitely worse with the arrival of Al Daban, a psychopath (and Freddie Mercury lookalike) who is posing as a member of law enforcement. What then ensues is a number of chilling, cat and mouse mindgames, as the tortured Talal must mentally out-manoeuvre his tormenter on the other side of the bars to keep his family alive.
In cinemas December 10

Room (18tc)
Based on the bestselling novel by Emma Donoghue, Room  tells the story of Jack, a five-year-old boy (don’t be thrown by the long hair and ponytail) who knows nothing of the world outside the tiny room in which he lives with his mother.  While the premise may be grim, a performance beyond his years from Jacob Tremblay as Jack and Brie Larson’s excellent support as his mother, transforms this melancholic story into a solid, life affirming watch.
In cinemas now

Still showing…

Michael Fassbender channels Shakespeare’s doomed Scottish king.

The Heart of The Sea
A ship is attacked by a Spermback whale in the epic real-life story that inspired the novel Moby Dick.

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