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6 films to see in UAE cinemas this week



Star Wars: The Force Awakens (PG)
The return of the franchise has garnered an extra level of regional excitement having been shot in-part in Abu Dhabi. As Disney’s first foray into the sci-fi behemoth, ex-Star Trek director JJ Abrams faces a daunting challenge to keep the legions of fanboys happy, but George Lucas himself seems to approve, branding The Force Awakens as “very much the kind of movie the fans have been looking for.” And then, of course, there’s the return of Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. We’re excited.
In cinemas December 17

Criminal Activities (18)
Four friends find themselves in hot water when one of them squanders half a million dollars on the stock market, cash he borrowed from John Travolta’s crime boss, Eddie. Instead of paying back the green, an alternative is offered in the form of a 24-hour kidnap of a rival gang member. Of course, the idiotic quartet discover this isn’t salvation, and soon find themselves in the crosshairs of both the FBI and the mob.
In cinemas December 17

Ghosthunters (PG)
Based on the bestselling kids novel by Cornelia Funke, young Milo Park plays a pre-teen assistant to an investigator of all things paranormal, Ange Engelke – working together to solve a mystery of a phantom “cold-snap” in Britain (presumably one that the UK residents would notice is out of the ordinary.) It’s not the most challenging of post-Casper or Scooby Doo efforts, but works as good fodder to take the kids to in the holidays.
In cinemas now

Hyena Road (18TC)
The latest export from across the Atlantic covering the war in Afghanistan – from a purely US perspective, naturally – Hyena Road sees an almost exclusively unknown cast taking the fight to the Taliban by building a road deep into enemy territory. Though the subject matter is becoming fairly tired now, where this Canadian film succeeds is its realistic depiction of military life, absent of the usual star-spangled, semper fi guff.
In cinemas now

A man who wakes up in jail with no memory of how he got there is terrorised by a psychopath in a policeman’s uniform.

The Lobster
Colin Farrell faces that quandary of finding love or, you know, risk being turned into a wild animal.

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