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5 things we learned about Jake Gyllenhaal at DIFF



Jake Gyllenhaal was perhaps the most prominent star in attendance at the Dubai International Film Festival, where here accepted Variety’s “International Star of the Year” award. He also had an on-stage conversation with Variety’s executive editor, Steven Gaydos. He’s what we learned:

1. He channels animals to get into a role
“Sometimes I get a real sense of a character when I connect it to an animal. If all else fails, I can go to that nature on that day.”

2. He doesn’t care what people think any more
“A few years ago, I turned directly to my instinct without a worry of what people might think of the choices. Work has just begun to flow.”

3. The Goonies is one of his favourite films
“Sometimes when I’m doing a movie I’m like, why can’t Josh Brolin just be in this in a bandana? I just worked with Josh (in Everest), and all I did was talk about The Goonies, which he didn’t like.”

4. He loves Biggie Smalls
“I take my guidance from hip-hop. To me, in every situation you should act like it’s your first time and your last. That’s from Biggie, you know. It all comes back to Biggie, right?”

5. And a lot of other music
“I’m listening to this band Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats now. There’s also Odis Redding. And the soundtrack to Hamilton, the musical. And I’m a big Drake fan… actually, I just said that so you’d like me more.”

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