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5 reasons to get Netflix UAE



It’s impossible go on Facebook or Twitter without catching a comment about Making A Murderer from some outraged viewer. UAE television fanatics have been left in the dark about many Netflix-only series creating the weekly zeitgeist on social media. But finally, finally, it has arrived, and now we can catch up with the rest of the world. Here’s our binge-watching guide…

Making a Murderer
This docu-series follows Steven Avery as he is acquitted for a crime he spent 18 years in prison for. But as the cameras roll, he’s accused of a new crime – murder. The court room drama that follows is a battle between the prosecution who are sure he’s guilty, and the defence who argue that the local police have planted evidence. Watch it. Immediately.

House of Cards
People have been banging on about this show for years. The Netflix-produced series is an American political drama about a Congressman and his wife who are determined to exact revenge on those who have betrayed them. Warning: once you’re hooked you may not leave your sofa for days.

The notorious Pablo Escobar is the subject of this Netflix exclusive. Chronicling his criminal rise to fame and fortune in Colombia, it makes a gripping drama out of real-life (and often harrowing) events. The series has received critical acclaim for its depiction of the drug lords and the brave politicians and police officers who dared to try and stop them.

Orange is the New Black
Newly engaged PR executive Piper Chapman’s life is derailed when she’s sent to prison for a crime she committed in her youth. Based on a book of the same name, this Netflix Original series takes us through Chapman’s tough but often funny struggle to carve out a life behind bars.

Another Netflix Original, Sense8 is a dark and emotive sci-fi series. Eight people from different parts of the world are bound by the vision of a death. Their minds are emotionally linked, which, as you would expect, creates a lot of confusion. But it gets worse. The group unwittingly become targets for those who worry that they are a threat to world order.

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