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6 movies to see in the UAE this week



Brooklyn (PG15)
Based on the novel by Colm Toibin, Nicky Hornby’s cinematic adaption follows young Irish girl, Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) who, yearning for fresh horizons, makes the daunting move to New York in the 1950s. As an immigrant swallowed up by the Big Apple, and having grown up amid the pastures of Ireland’s County Wexford, Eilis is soon homesick. However, salvation comes in the form of Italian-American Tony, until a family loss pulls Eilis back to her homeland, where a job and a smitten local lad make her question her future.
In cinemas from January 28

Exposed (15)
This gritty New York cop drama sees Keanu Reeves embroiled in the hunt for the men responsible for killing his partner. But the more Reeves uncovers, the murkier his late colleague’s past becomes, placing our main man in dangerous waters; caught between the criminal underworld and a cop conspiracy. To make matters worse, a young Latina woman, the only witness to the brutal death, begins citing the influence of the supernatural.
In cinemas from January 28

Sisters (15)
The irrepressible comic forces of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler unite again, this time under the “crazy sisters” banner as two 40-something chalk-and-cheese siblings reunited over the premature sale of their parents’ house. This prompts the apparent necessity to hold a party of the ages, in what serves as both an overdue nostalgic throwback and a sullen act of revenge on their heartless parents, for flogging the property without asking their permission. While a simple premise, Sisters is just ludicrous enough to guarantee a pretty chuckle-heavy watch.
In cinemas from January 28

The Final Lesson (PG-13)
Positioned as the adored matriarch of her family, 92-year-old Madeline stuns her assembled loved ones by telling them she wishes to take her own life in three months’ time. Rather than making a point about the virtues of assisted death, The Final Lesson instead succeeds as a tender and bittersweet story about a family’s response to old age and impending mortality.
Showing January 28 at The Scene Club, Knowledge Village

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