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The X-Files Cheat Sheet



The X-Files is set to return to TV screens after 14 years. But if you weren’t part of the phenomenon first time round, here’s a cheat sheet to ensure you don’t get left behind.

What are these X-Files?
A little-known subdivision of the FBI that deals with unexplained phenomena like crop circles, unusual attacks and murders. Rumour has it the real FBI have their own X-Files department.

What kind of a name is Fox, anyway?
Fox Mulder is the FBI’s enigma. He was a young hotshot agent, but his obsession with what he believed to be his sister’s alien abduction earned him the nickname “Spooky Mulder,” and he was shunted to a dimly lit basement with the X-Files.

Where does Dana Scully fit in?
Scully is a medical doctor, highly sceptical of anything considered to be supernatural. She was partnered with Mulder to act as a proxy between him and the straight-laced agency, and to try and keep a rein on his alien obsession. She couldn’t.

So are aliens real?
According to nine seasons’ worth of UFOs, mythical monsters and unearthly happenings, very much so. Scully turned from sceptic to a believer after she was abducted by aliens.

Do I need to watch all the previous series to enjoy this one?
Mulder and Scully’s chemistry is enough of a draw, and each episode will stand alone for newcomers, although longtime viewers will find reward too. Just remember that apart from Mulder and Scully, no-one can be trusted – and you’ll be fine.

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