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DEBATE: Are we becoming a generation of binge watchers?



Sarah Garden
Digital Editor,

I hate to come over all hipster on you, but I watched Making a Murderer before it was cool. In fact, every morning I ask my colleagues if they’ve seen the latest whodunit. And it doesn’t stop there. I devoured Downton Abbey during a bout of flu, cancelled nights out to spend the evening with Walter White and the Breaking Bad cast, and I’ve seen every season of The Sopranos – three times.

The growing popularity of OSN, coupled with Netflix’s arrival in the UAE, means none of us need to wait a week to find out who’ll be next to feel the wrath of Frank Underwood in House of Cards. We can have it now.

A simple Google search for “Winter is Coming” pulls up 260 million hits – if you have no idea what that means, you must be living off-grid. Join the 21st century and all its binge-watching glory, the documentaries, the series, the movies and the film shorts. And there are few greater pleasures than introducing someone to a show and watching the sleep deprivation kick-in. “I was like a zombie at work today because I was up all night watching Narcos,” is a sentence I long to hear.

Trust me, switch on your TV, and like a moth to an HD flame, you’ll keep your eyes locked on it for days. And nights.

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