7 films to see in UAE cinemas this week

The Finest Hours (PG15)
They love a theme in Hollywood, don’t they? Following sharply in the wake of the massive whaling epic In the Heart of the Sea comes another seafaring disaster movie, bringing cinematic life to what the trailer brands as the “most daring coastguard rescue in US history”, a real-life incident that unfolded off the east coast of America in the 1950s. Casey Affleck, back in blockbuster mode after a string of method-y indies, heads up a ragtag crew of seamen who come a cropper when their oil tanker is caught in the middle of a Perfect Storm-esque nor’easter and splits in two.
Fortunately, hope is rekindled via the nautical nerve and sinew of coastguard Bernie Webber (Chris Pine), who – in somewhat predictable fashion – leaves a budding romance back on land to make it his do-or-die mission to save the stranded souls. All-American heroism laid bare.
In cinemas February 4

Jane Got a Gun (18tc)
Natalie Portman takes centre stage as rootin’ tootin’ Jane Hammond, a loving housewife and mother turned gun-toting protagonist in the latest of what seems to be a new-found love of Westerns. Set in New Mexico in 1871, Jane has to try and defend her family from a gang of merciless thugs led by Ewan McGregor, who have it in for her no-good husband, Bill (Noah Emmerich). The plot then takes an interesting turn as Jane enlists the help of an ex-flame in the form of gritty cowboy, Dan Frost, played by Aussie Joel Edgerton, who also co-wrote the script.
In cinemas February 4

Standoff (15+)
This thriller sees the relatively unknown Thomas Jane facing off against the now rarely seen Laurence Fishburne in a battle to the death inside an old American farmhouse. Jane finds himself unceremoniously tasked with protecting the life of a little girl who, having been witness to a brutal murder, finds herself in the merciless crosshairs of Fishburne’s unforgiving assassin.
In cinemas now

Capture the Flag (PG15)
Born to a recent lineage of NASA astronauts, 12-year-old Mike Goldwing finds himself unwittingly embarking on his own man-on-the-moon mission, along with his two best friends and his one-time space pioneering, now-forgotten grandfather. Toy Story, Shrek, Despicable Me… all the great animations of the modern day era boast the kind of gags that extend across the generational age gap, and Capture the Flag makes a good stab at tapping into that successful model.
In cinemas February 4

Sanam Teri Kasam (15)
A Bollywood musical romance that treads pretty familiar territory, as two lovers from different social circles contend with society’s expectations. Ali Fazal and young Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane take up the lead roles, while the soundtrack includes several tunes by Arjit Singh who, by happy chance, will be in Dubai this week.
In cinemas February 4

Still Showing

The Oscar-nominated version of Colm Tolbin’s tome about a young Irish girl in the 1950s who finds herself torn between her adopted New York and the pull of her hometown.

Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler on typicially scintillating comic form as reunited sisters, who return to the childhood home and throw a party of the ages. With lots of silly consequences and stuff.

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