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INFOGRAPHIC: What your TV habits say about your relationship



You build a home together watching the property shows, dream of your next holiday while exploring the world through the small screen and bond over your favourite series like House of Cards. But according to a new study, from the early days of courtship to marital bliss, the way you watch TV (and what you think of the other person’s viewing habits) says a lot about your relationship.

Over half (51%) of us feel that sharing their Netflix account is a big step towards a serious relationship and the same amount wait until they are dating exclusively to do so, while 17% wait to be engaged or officially married before sharing an account and becoming “Netflix Official”.

Even before such a big step, it seems that we are using TV shows as a tool for sussing out potential suitors. Movies and TV shows are noted as the top icebreakers on a date, with 69 percent and 63 percent respectively. A quarter of people said they found someone more or less attractive based on which shows they regularly watched.

As for a couple making it down the aisle, 27 percent think that show compatibility is an important factor when considering a long-term partner. Apparently men are much more likely to consider TV and movie compatibility than women – 34 percent of men said they would be more keen on someone based on having similar tastes in programmes compared to 19 percent of women.

According to Netflix, the motto is “stream together, stay together” with 58 percent of respondents saying that they bond with their other half over Netflix.

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