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6 movies to see in the UAE this week



Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (tba)
If you, like us here at ShortList, find Jane Austen’s classic a little soporific, you might just welcome the presence of a few members of the undead to shake things up. Set in the aftermath of the Black Death, zombies have risen and humans are fighting for survival. And rather than focusing on the tangled relationships of the upper classes, the ensemble have swapped their garters for garrottes, their afternoon teas for killing sprees. Enjoyable nonsense.
In cinemas February 11

Intruders (18)
An opportunistic burglary goes awry when a trio of looters target the dwelling of an agoraphobic woman, Anna, who, as carer for her cancer-stricken brother, has not left her home in years. However, despite initial appearances, Anna is no wilting damsel in distress, and – refusing to leave her sanctuary – quickly turns the tables on the three men in frighteningly sadistic fashion, revealing a past far more sinister than the intruders ever imagined.
In cinemas now

Fitoor (18tc)
An indulgent but impressively well-shot tale of our lovelorn (and slightly soppy) Kashmiri protagonist Noor, who falls for the beauty and charms of Firdaus, the daughter of the Begum – the wealthiest woman in town. Of course he does. Naturally, the Begum doesn’t take too kindly to Noor’s designs on her daughter and does everything to thwart love’s young dream. A reworking of Great Expectations.
In cinemas February 11

Kung Fu Style (PG)
We’ve had Kung Fu Hustle, Kung Fu Killer and, more recently, Kung Fu Panda, and here we have another animated martial arts yarn that sees a cartoon rabbit by the name of Derek Lee attempt to take the karate-chopping mantle from the popular panda. Derek has his heart set on becoming the “greatest Kung Fu movie star of all time,” a feat that’s threatened by a megalomaniac film studio owner with his own plans of world domination. Good fun.
In cinemas now

Jane Got a Gun
Natalie Portman stars as protective housewife turned revolver-wielding femme fatale who shields her family from a gang of revenge-seeking thugs.

The Finest Hours
In this seafaring disaster movie, Casey Affleck and Chris Pine re-enact the greatest coastguard rescue in US history.

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