7 films in UAE cinemas this week

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (PG3)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has become the most eagerly anticipated film of 2016 so far. The plot centres on the growing public scrutiny of Superman’s powers: Is Clark Kent’s alter-ego a force to be trusted? Well, no, according to Affleck’s ageing, angrier-than-ever Bruce Wayne, who has developed a hostile aversion to Krypton’s son. In his newly bulked-up batsuit, he wages war against him, all under the watch of Jeremy Irons’ Alfred.
Added to the mix is Lex Luther, who was absent from Man of Steel, played by a long-haired but recognisably cocky Jesse Eisenberg, and an odd cameo from Wonder Woman – though whose side these two fall on, is up to you to find out.
In cinemas from March 24

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (15)
The entire cast of 2002’s extraordinarily successful rom-com have returned for a bigger, brasher and even more overtly Greek wedding affair, set a few years down the line from the nuptials of the last. For Toula (Nia Vardalos) and Ian (John Corbett), heady romance has given way to a few of the harsher realities of marriage, as the still-loved up duo struggle with Toula’s sullen teenage daughter and the irksome presence of their well-meaning but nevertheless bonkers family. And yep, another wedding.
In cinemas from March 24

Every Secret Thing (15)
A strong cast of Diane Lane, Elizabeth Banks and Dakota Fanning star in this adaptation of Laura Lippman’s novel. It opens with the backstory of two girls, Ronnie and Alice, kidnapping and murdering an infant. Seven years after the atrocious crime, the pair have been released from juvenile detention and are trying to slot back into a society that, almost immediately after, sees another child go missing. A dogged detective (Banks) is left to establish if the girls are again responsible, a situation not made easier by Alice’s overbearing mother (Diane Lane) and the inescapable feeling that someone is definitely lying.
In cinemas from March 24

The Invitation (18)
This is a theme we’ve seen recently in Joel Edgerton’s The Gift, but The Invitation is still a startlingly effective thriller that might just make you think twice before accepting invites from friends you haven’t seen in a while. Young couple Will and Kira take up an offer to have dinner at their estranged pals’ eerie mansion in LA, discovering something palpably wrong from the outset. As the tension builds, the awkward hosts are a little too forceful in their insistence that their friends “relax and enjoy themselves”, and there’s something not quite right about the other dinner guests.
In cinemas from March 24

The Hallow (18)
A red-letter day for Irish film actors everywhere, this commendably disturbing horror follows a newly married couple’s re-location to the remote wooded plains of Ireland – where a compendium of haunting spirits lie in wait. Despite making themselves known in a variety of violent ways, young husband Adam decides to explore the frightening forestry, even strapping his newborn child to his back and subjecting the poor kid to the awaiting horror. Though it borders on cliché at times – foreboding neighbours, things that go bump in the night – The Hallow’s haunting set pieces create a scary enough debut for director Corin Hardy.
In cinemas from March 24

Still Showing

Eye In The Sky (15)
Helen Mirren, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and the late, great Alan Rickman star in the latest film to focus on the morality of modern-day warfare. In Eye in the Sky, Mirren and Rickman assume the roles of remote military commanders, tracking a suspected terrorist. The mission changes when a drone relays footage of a terror cell. The problem? A single civilian girl playing in the area, who would also be wiped out by any attack. Thus hangs the balance: one innocent life over thousands?
In cinemas from March 17

Kung Fu Panda 3
One of the most successful animated franchises returns with paunchy protagonist Po reunited with his long-lost father. Together, the pair travel across China to a secret Panda paradise, where Po must transform a clumsy troupe of his black-and-white brethren into kung-fu masters before supervillain Kai (JK Simmons) destroys them all. Voiced by Jack Black, Seth Rogen, Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman, the third instalment does the series justice.
In cinemas from March 17

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